At 59 yrs. of age I found myself once again seeking employment. In three months time I applied locally and online with a carefully prepared resume’ and after submitting it to 140 places before losing count, I gave up. I did not receive so much as one callback. I always say the meaning of life is IRONY. It turned out that I had medical problems that made me qualify for SS disability. Ironic or not, I am thankful for it. I now live on $897.00 per month. My rent alone is $475.00.

The following is a breakdown of political salaries.

• Congress Members (Representatives and Senators): $174,000
• Senate and House Majority/Minority Leaders: $193,400
• Cabinet Members: $199,700
• Speaker of the House: $223,500
• Vice President: $230,700
• President: $400,000

Now add to these annual salaries, retirement incomes equal to their per annum at the point of retirement that continue until death. NOW add the best free medical coverage that America offers.

Can this possibly be fair? For these people life is obviously “fine”. I think of it as obscene.

For the common working individual insufficient retirement conditions are the norm, not the exception.

Mr. Obama got up in front of the whole damn country yesterday and told us we (the private sector) are all doing just “fine”. Really? Do you feel like we’re doing fine? I guess “fine” is really a relative term, isn’t it? Fine is living on Social Security of less than a grand per month as are something like 63% of retired people today. With such an income it demands a preternatural frugality just to get bills paid and eat too. There have been months when I finished out the last few days trying to make the last portions of rice or noodles last until the next SS check.

A person who has worked until retirement, to my mind anyway, should be doing at least a little better. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t make a lot of good choices financially and never ferreted away a nest egg. But I did pay my taxes faithfully and hoped, as my government promised, that it would be enough.

I am always thankful that I’m not spending the last few days with nothing to eat. That hasn’t happened yet. I’m also thankful for my medicare and that I’m not on the street as so many who are not yet eligible for SSI. Folks like so many of our veterans. But “thankful” is as relative a term as “fine”. What do you think? Are we doing “fine”?
Yep! Obama’s making things SO much better.

But in all fairness, we can’t lay this all at his feet either. It’s not democrats OR republicans. It’s both. It’s politicians, period. What we have to change is, what it means to be a politician, and we can’t do that by not electing representatives that the crooked politicians AND their media dogs tell us are “unelectable”. If the enemy says they’re “unelectable” shouldn’t that indicate that these are EXACTLY the people we want in office? When it comes right down to it, our condition has manifested because We The People have permitted it.

I am encouraged, however, by the inroads people like Ron and Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Thomas Massey and Gary Johnson as well as others are making toward a smaller more civil government. The general awareness of our national plight has been more improved during this election year than any other I have experienced since I have been old enough to vote. Especially among young people.

Neither Obama nor Romney are going to turn the tide, but I truly believe that if we survive the next four years, we will not see another such election of pandering and whoring for big corporations and super-pacs. When I see the political landscape taking on features of civil discontent and leaning in the right direction in just one year, I am swayed to conclude that the revolution that the Pauls and their associates have ignited will, in four years time, become a conflagration that will burn for real and significant change.

In the meantime…we’re just FINE.


George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

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