The Solution: A Universal Benediction

George A. Yesthal

We have a common enemy. The modern common man and woman MUST understand that there IS a well defined line. It is not a racial, religious, political or cultural line as we are led to believe. It is a line of CASTE. Commoner vs Elite. It is the global oligarchy that is the enemy and potential destruction of the average human being and the population thereof.
They are manipulating us through the media and prejudicial division methods and We The People are falling for it. Religions hating other religions; liberals against conservatives; ethnic groups hating each other, when all the while the true enemy that wishes us the most harm and is achieving it through all this in-fighting and xenophobia, is the Global Elite. The 1%. They are successful beyond imagining. And now they’re pushing the footballer/flag thing.
And it must be understood as well that simple wealth does not qualify one for membership into the world of the powerful elite. You MUST be on board with their edicts and swear your troth to their purposes. There are many elite secret societies that require such things as blood oaths AND sacrifices to these societies above all else including family ties. This is a requisite act of loyalty and to betray it could spell any of number of consequences including death.
For decades at least, they have been spying out the psychopathic aberrant sexual practices of key political figures and recruiting their services through bribes and threat of exposure, and this is a huge group indeed.
The Zionist world banking system is the center of their power and they rule all from a high seat that the common man can barely understand let alone fight, so we take the frustrations that they have caused out on each other in response to differences that we CAN understand, and those are the differences that are obvious to us such as racial and cultural et al.
We have a long hard road ahead to condition ourselves to reject such reactionary hatred and response to the world of lack and repression that the elite have sown, if we are ever to turn it around. We have to retrain our collective mind’s responses to our problems, realize that they ARE collective problems and understand WHO is actually responsible for these woes.
The 1% elite are preparing for a global holocaust of their specific design. Such crucial yet obvious things as manipulated climate change, poison vaccines, the spread of engineered diseases and ailing aging nuclear facilities, allowed to fail. Take the latter, for instance:
Imagine you were a member of an elite and all powerful group of people who KNEW that the average person was beginning to see through your smokescreens and getting sick of it and were on the verge of doing something about it and these very same dissenters were a nuisance to begin with and were constantly using up resources that YOU wanted. Now imagine that you have unlimited wealth and resources and you could either use said resources to aid in resolving the world’s woes and help the average man’s lot in life OR you could do EVERYTHING in your power to hasten his extinction and have a world all to yourself. You’d promote all manner of diseases, wars, famine, lack and want of all kinds. You’d also promote hatred and social upheaval and moral decline. Now just look around and see what is more in evidence. And consider that ALL these people are in possession of vast underground bunkers fitted out in the most lavish accouterments possible against such time as they would be needed.
Now what would be the harm to your plans to let a few nuclear power plants fail and start polluting the ecology that the peons and unwashed masses were so vitally dependent upon? And while you were at it…why not take radioactive waste and dump it in the oceans? After all…YOUR future is assured and doesn’t depend on such academic and pedestrian resources. The order of the season is…hasten the demise of the “useless eaters” (a la Henry Kissinger).
In view of all that and since these power plants are nearing obsolescence and costing too much to maintain anyway…why not?
And this is only one of the many facets to their corrupted jewel of a scheme.
If we are going to survive as a race of earthlings the way nature intended, we need to recognize our plight and the danger of it and fight the one true enemy at the rudder of that ship. The plutocratic 1%. I have no doubt that there will need to be a regrettable show of strength by setting some very indelible and notable examples of key figures, but I also believe that it needn’t be a global Bastille day either. If the heads of the global elite are brought to justice and humanity in general is able to generate a collective unity of some fashion, then we need not go to extremes to achieve our goals. We must achieve such measures through a righteous directive or we will be as wrong as those we seek to unseat.
But it would be the collective unity itself that would foment a change of global paradigm. If enough people share even some of the major goals, the tables would turn naturally. Yes…we NEED a common focus. While we will never see an egalitarian social structure, because realistically, nature abhors such things, we could develop a global peace and drive toward things like renewable energy, socialized medicine, sufficient overall salaries, etc. But we have been universally conditioned, especially in the U.S., by a false narrative that such things are impossible…even EVIL because they are the edicts of COMMUNISM. That is an absurd falsehood handed down by the people most adversely effected by such a move; the sellers of oil, coal, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and most of all…WAR and all its trappings. And we believe it. WHY? well hell…our “betters” told us it’s so. And why do we believe it? Because our masters have been put in charge of our education systems which 1. keep us as ignorant as possible and 2. feed us on a steady diet of false notions that we NEED a ruling authority to ‘Bless us and keep us and make their face to shine down upon us and give us PEACE, in their name’s sake. Amen!’
We need a collective forward momentum…yes…but comprised of sovereign and self-reliant individuals. It is the difference between being free and being kept. And being kept invariably means living in some form of caged captivity.
Yes, there are dangerous factions in this world, but they are manned by those who are minions to one degree or another, of the ruling oligarchy and put to the task of keeping us preoccupied with the fear of them. Yes…they need to be resisted and vanquished, but we also need a healthy understanding of exactly who controls them. And it is only knowledge that can unseat that kind of power, and when that knowledge becomes general, the enemy loses simply by being neutralized and denied their power.
Love thy neighbor folks, because their enemy is your enemy.

The Solution: A Universal Benediction

George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

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