The Grays and UFO's. A Theory

Recently I viewed an episode of UFO Files on the History Channel entitled “The Greys”. It purported to evaluate the phenomenon of alien abduction and lend some viable insight to the ongoing wave of reports in which witnesses adamantly claim that they are being whisked away by an alien race from elsewhere in the cosmos.

I’ve noticed a few things that are common to the phenomenon that have piqued in me a concept that, while controversial, I’m sure, might prove to have at least a margin of credence.

A common thread in these stories is the lapse of memory and/or time.
Hold on to that.

Down through the ages, in fact, since there has been a recorded history, there have been accounts of what can only be described as extraterrestrial visits and encounters. The Aztec, Maya, Moche, Egyptian, Macedonian, Celtic, Viking, etc., have recorded in stone and on parchment, etc., images and text that allude to or outright describe visions of and/or contact with entities from beyond.

Here I should throw in the current accepted scientific consensus that it is physically impossible to traverse the incomprehensible distances required to reach from the nearest quasi-inhabitable planet to HERE.
Of course, our grasp on the equation is fleeting at best and will likely be amended and abridged before I am through typing this. Let’s say for the sake of argument that we are right and that space travel is, at least currently, IMPOSSIBLE.

Here’s what commonly occurs…Barney and Betty Miller, sometime in the sixties, traveling on a lonely road in the boonies. They get abducted and are, for all intents and purposes, sexually violated and experimented with against their will.

This scenario has played out time and time again in thousands of documented reports by people who are by all accounts as sane as you and me. (Well, I’m not all that sure about YOU).


Here’s my theory…

The little people…the GREYs…are not from outer space at all.

The extragalactic thing falls apart in the light of what I propose…

Think about it; an enigmatic blip shows up on radar while flight # 6227 en route from O’Hare to Lax confirms a 300 ft. cigar shaped object roughly 100 yards off their starboard wing. This sighting is confirmed and triangulated by a Northwestern 747 at a roughly 90 degree incoming path. Suddenly the thing vanishes from the vision of the reporting pilots and ground radar simultaneously. Just disappears! Gone. When asked if any of the pilots want to report an UFO, all parties politely decline.

UFO, right? Well, yes, of course.

The common threads are these:

1) Most UfO’s are seen to just “DISAPPEAR”.
2) In almost all abductee experiences, there is TIME missing.
3) In almost all abductee accounts, there is the element of scientific and/or sexual experimentation.
4) While abductions are said to be frightening, they are predominantly recounted as being gentle if not caring.
5) Experimentation always seems to be of a genetic bent.

So alright…let’s say a scientifically superior race has discovered that they have made unforgivable mistakes in their past that have led to a genetic code and/or some environmental catastrophe that has brought them to the precipice of DO OR DIE.

And yet they have discovered the key to time travel. Don’t scoff. We are accelerating subatomic particles quantifiable to reproduce the effects of the BIG BANG as I write this. The technology is admittedly embryonic but considering that even WE transient slugs can conceive of and manifest such miracles at the present day, consider what we might achieve with in the next few years

.Compounded annually and diversified? Next thing you know, we’re hovering over Ann Arbor and cutting the tongues out of Texas Longhorns. MAGIC?…maybe.

We are them

They pull samples from their past…at varying degrees and times. Subtly. Without the historical urgency of an indelible footprint.They test on a covert level until their consummate indiscretion is reversed. A Flight 19 here…a few interrupted night’s sleep there.

It is more feasible to presume, I think, that these enigmatic entities ZAP from this time to theirs and vice versa through TIME rather than space.

It amazes me to have to admit that we as a race have spent so much time dedicated to the concept that men from Mars or Alfa Centauri are showing up over the skies of Peoria and Hoboken, and not once considered that these freaky little big-eyed, no-nosed, hairless nocturnal apparitions…

Are US.

Or maybe not.

But ya never know, do ya?

The Grays and UFO's. A Theory

George Yesthal

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