Shouldn’t the Police be De-fanged?

By: George A. Yesthal

I was a councilor at a drug rehab and halfway house for adolescent males rotating back into society from Juvey or prison. Make no mistake, they were the same hardened offenders that went to prison, but now they are “clients” and as such we, the staff could not cause them bodily harm.

We were therefor, trained in SCM (Safe Crisis Management), a method by which we learned the safe handling of a violent or drug-crazed “client”. If we hurt them, it was all on OUR plates and we were answerable for it. I am 5’6" and 194 lbs. I am no remarkable physical specimen, but with the knowledge I was taught, I NEVER had a problem subduing and restraining even the biggest of the clients.

We were only allowed to personally restrain a client for 8 minutes and then would be “tapped out” and another staff member would take over. We were not allowed cuffs or straight jackets. There were times when the restraint would bleed over to the next shift. THAT’S how determined some of those guys could be.

My point is; shouldn’t all cops be trained in such measures? Often these incidents of civilians being killed or injured are accidents, but do you think that matters to the beaten or dead guy or his loved ones? I get my nose out of joint when I see people making excuses for this kind of behavior. People who defend them are making it easy for THEM to abuse US. Remember, we have the right and obligation to call the perpetrators of such irresponsible acts on their behavior.

Some people (most actually) obviously recognize the police’s “authority” over them. I do not. They are there to SERVE and PROTECT as public servants and the day they fail to fulfill THAT obligation is the day it MUST change. That day is long overdue.

At present, the prison system in the U.S. is chocked full of people who were caught with various amounts of marijuana. Some of those people are serving life sentences. Does this seem at all reasonable when we have thousands of instances of cops killing civilians every year that go, not only unpunished, but often unaddressed? Our national priorities are askew. We have fallen for the statist malarkey that tells us that innocent pot smokers are more dangerous than armed and angry assailants with a license to take lives indiscriminately. We are loath to think that the Rockwellian image of the smiling and friendly uniformed cop sharing a sundae with an adoring youngster has morphed into a dangerous and angry armored thug looking for any excuse to wield deadly authority, but those are the unfortunate facts. It’s high time we put the “Civil” back in civil servant.

Instead of arming police with armored assault vehicles, sonic and water canons, state of the art body armor, automatic assault rifles and bolstering their abuse of power with “no-knock warrants” and “stop and frisk” methods of intimidation of the civilians they take oaths to protect, shouldn’t we be gearing them back to “sane” levels of self-protection? A sidearm and nightstick and perhaps an under-the-shirt armored vest and pepper spray with an in-the-car back-up shotgun should be MORE than enough protection to do their jobs. Tasers are becoming their go-to means of addressing ANY perceived threat and they are causing untold cases of injury and death, so they should be taken away as well because they certainly cannot live up to the “non-lethal” appellation currently assigned to them. If more protection than that is required, THAT is what the National Guard is for.

There is a reason that the U.S. is # 20 on the world list of FREEDOM enjoying societies worldwide and #1 in police committed killings. And we still have the nerve to spout the lie that we are the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” We are neither of those things, so our very National Motto is predicated on a LIE.

It’s time we start to remedy that dynamic by pulling the fangs of the militarized police forces and teaching the population to be more personally responsible for their OWN protection. And incidentally, it wouldn’t hurt for our government to take seriously the threat of civil revolution as well.

Shouldn’t the Police be De-fanged?

George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

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