Only Shades of Gray

George A. Yesthal

Flag issues, race issues, political issues, cops beating civilians, corporations buying up everything on the planet and our representatives are selling it to them and charging US for the privilege.

People pretending to care about the insult to others by flags, songs, TV programs, politicians, and those same people take EVERY frigging opportunity to fan the flames of a raging social conflagration, pretending they are OUTRAGED by the injustice, when they LOVE it. They revel in the pain and humiliation and sorrow.

They re-post EVERY divisive, controversial or trendy meme or article that comes along.
Veterans are used up and cast aside and our “leaders” go immediately searching for more tricky means to get gullible young minds, hearts and souls to sign up to do their dirty work. Then, when they have them they press them into more tours by pointing out that they are owned because of a signed contract. They promise education, pensions and healthcare that the vets have to beg for and seldom see. And when their minds shut down, they end it all. Very convenient.

All the while Big Brother keeps hauling loaded subjects out of their bottomless bag of tricks and capitalizing on frazzled young brains fried by psychotropic drugs prescribed because they asked ‘why’ once too often or chewed their cookies into the shape of a gun. And Big Bro pleads the case that these poor wretches NEED their meds and that’s why they snap and dust a bunch of school kids or church-goers. And everything gets funneled down and homogenized. There’s no cohesive dynamic. It’s all orchestrated to keep us in a constant state of vulnerability, always reaching out to the benevolent aegis of out lords and masters in government. Gun issues, race issues, unemployment off the charts, gangs, drugs, terrorists. sugar, salt, trans fats, killer bees, unsafe playgrounds, vehicles, foods, blah blah blah. But they care about us…don’t they? They sure do. They care so much that they shut down kid’s lemonade stands and fine them. They take our children away to a safer institution because we home-schooled them, smoked pot around them, let them play at the park unsupervised or refused to get them inoculated. They don’t let us collect rainwater, grow gardens, harvest, sell and/or drink whole milk, raise farm animals within city limits or simply live off the grid. All this and more to keep us from the danger that is ourselves.

They put fluoride and lithium in our water supplies to be sure we have whiter teeth and calmer demeanors. They take our weapons at every chance to keep us from harming criminals who probably have plenty of our own confiscated guns.

All this distills down to a dull colorless existence of sameness and boredom with even the sensationalist headlines that go nowhere. We see our heads of state get away with treason and we are fed tricklings of special councils and Inspector General’s “investigations” until we’re sick of hearing it and still it goes on and on in nothing but shades of gray…colorless, featureless, in unending tripe. And the gullible among us rush to the gates of our cells to get a whiff of the next MSM line of bullshit and wait with bated breath for the disappointment that is the ONLY guaranty.

Oh…and the list goes on and on. I really didn’t sit down tonight to right a book, though I could, but why would I? With all the psychotropics, fluoride and lithium, people don’t read much nowadays anyway.

Only Shades of Gray

George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

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Artwork Comments

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