Plots, Plans and Platitudes

George A. Yesthal

True socio-political evil takes incredible courage, tenacity and intellect.

I know…it would seem that by making such a statement, old George has finally slipped off into Foil-hat La La Land. Let me explain:

In order to facilitate and promote a truly evil agenda, so many facets of the plan have to align seamlessly. First the engineers have to determine the level of gullibility and/or concession level of the citizenry in relation to their plans. ‘How much will the people take? How far can we push before they revolt and how will we handle it if they do?’ But in the long run, the preferable choice is to win over the people by directing their loyalties through their sense of national pride and patriotism. Excite a hyper-personal connection between the populous and the state and you have won half the battle.

The I.Q. of any group, demographic or mob is, the I.Q. level of the most intelligent person in the group divided by the number of people counted therein. This factor makes us susceptible in the extreme because, added to the intensely researched means and specifics of a fascist plot to usurp power, is the fact that invariably the fascists are UNITED in their goals and intentions, whereas the people overall…are not.

This fact also is such a very crucial construct that without its employment, any statist plans will fail right out of the gate. We like to think of evil as so heinously evident that we can avoid it like the plague. NOT true. In fact, it is the successful manipulation of people’s baser concerns that tend to set trends that (seemingly refreshingly) stray from the social mores that hold the public in check and functioning. The fact of the matter is, that the foremost strength of evil is its unrecognizable nature due to the fact that nobody wishes to identify with it. Hell, even Hitler, Pol Pot and Stalin would never cop to it.

Of the type of issues I mentioned, the marijuana issue is one such. Timely, just controversial enough to get the majority involved and just divorced enough from TRUE national concerns to turn the collective head from THOSE issues. ALL PLANNED ahead of time. Now this issue has drafted us all with the expectation that our input will affect the ultimate outcome. It WLL NOT. The road map to legalization is laid out and will follow the course that the government has set and intended. It WILL be eventually be legalized as pharmaceutical across the board with recreational use remaining on the table until the controversial aspect of it ceases to be of use as a means to preoccupy us and keep our attention from issues like the erosion of our constitutional rights by incremental degrees. The U.N. Arms Treaty is one of these but there are MANY more.
The big pharmaceutical companies are one of the biggest “lobbying” factions and they have a clear agenda for the pharmaceutical rights to cannabis. You’ll notice I put ‘Lobbying’ in quotes because there is NO lobbying with factions of this level of power. Their intentions are well defined and paid for before ever reaching the floors of the House and Senate, and where the people are concerned, will be offered up on a golden platter of ostensible good will and platitudes.

The depth of fractal and confabulating issues is a constantly shifting miasma of obscurity to keep the collective consciousness looking here, then there, then over there and back again. So what subject is the constant in all this? And with WWIII looming and all manner of oligarchy global agendas, they’re stirring the soup so that no one noxious ingredient can be recognized


Such an issue was seemingly built in to the human collective psyche as the primary go-to tool of the elite authoritarian bully agenda. It appeals to the baser nature, is volatile in the extreme and something that gets even humanity’s low info troglodytes involved and distracted. PERFECT. The veritable glossary of political issues that can be ram-rodded through no matter how wrong, controversial or outright socially detrimental, that can slip the public’s notice due to racial misdirection, is just astonishing.

My point to this article is to point out that, even though I am hypercritical of governmental methods and their intent, I have to say that I never cease to be amazed by the level of planning and meticulous attention to detail in the matrix. The breathtakingly astute understanding of human behavior and means to their manipulation, is classic Machiavellian perfection. Every time we think we have enough information to affect change politically, the issues we are concerning ourselves with have long since been decided upon behind closed doors and galvanized through back door deals. So, in reality, we never even SEE the issues until they are dead and buried and all deals sealed.

While I loathe the way things are done TO the American people and to what level we are subjugated and manipulated, I have to almost admire the level with which it is accomplished. The attention to detail that is almost super human and the theatrics employed to keep them happily corralled is fantastical in its intricacy and efficiency.

So…how do we fight this? CAN we fight it?

I believe we can. But to even attempt it, we have to develop and fine-tune a focus hitherto unrealized in our history. In order for the American people to wrest control from the usurpers, we have to employ a unifying catalyst that makes that of the WWII initiative pale by comparison. But first we have to recognize the problem. The ONLY thing we have working for us is numbers; the sheer weight of popular opinion unified in a clarion call to justice is the recipe. Focus, unity and direction is mandatory. We have to learn to recognize divisive measures and reject them out of hand.

In effect, we have to start distilling our wants and needs and understanding what is healthy for the collective and apply only those directives to our political focus and we HAVE to start communicating on an anti-establishment level that the elite will do everything in their power to thwart, but we will need to resist all the confabulating alluring race, religion, sexual deviation etc. issues used to divide and conquer no matter who personal these issues may seem.

I envision a grossly overweight and unhealthy individual longing to eat all manner of goodies set before him and struggling to make the right choice to eat only what he knows will benefit his resolve to get back on track. I have been there, and I know it’s never easy, but as with the successful dieter, the benefit in the long haul is worth the suffering and sacrifice because the reward is a release and FREEDOM that we can barely even remember. We have become a nation of grotesque gluttons employing gluttony as the vehicle to just more obesity and we are looking for our little helper (government) to do all the work for us. Well that is what got us here to begin with.

Personally, I would love to see Anarchistic Voluntarist paradigm hold sway but I’m enough of a realist to recognize that it will never happen in the time left to me. My focus right now is to just get people involved and working together with a spirit of unity and at least heading in the right direction. We not only need to recognize the tyranny for what it is, but to question and dissect EVERY political decision and plan and we have to ferret them out in time to be effective, working on issues we value and heading at least in the same general direction. But it is the momentum and involvement that is necessary. As with any fluid, we will eventually seek our level and flow in the proper direction, but without unity we are as so many individual droplets that, left unguided, will simply dry up and disappear in the scorching sun of statist and globalist control.

Plots, Plans and Platitudes

George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

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