Torture and the Nature Of Evil

George A. Yesthal

Does anybody still believe the fantasy that the Arab world hates and plots against us because they envy our freedom and Americanness? Isn’t it more likely that we hate these people because we are TOLD to? And hey…they’re WAY darker than we are. And we ALL know that all the evil in the world comes from the “SWARTHY devil”. And even if that ridiculousness were true…fine…war with them…kill them. But as soon as we torture them WE are the evil ones and we’ll be joining the worst of them in perdition. The issue is about the duplicitous nature of torture and those who employ it.

We Americans make the mistake of thinking two things:

1.) That waterboarding is okay because it is nonlethal. That’s a mistake. People HAVE drowned from it. But that’s not the issue…the issue is that the people being tortured are not free to defend themselves. They are subdued, shackled and helpless and we are still causing them great pain and duress. And the people doing it enjoy it. If they didn’t, it would be ineffectual. Now I’m not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination and have my own sense of spirituality, but most people who support torture are. What a dichotomy. They are sinners in the eyes of their God and natural law (which I happen to embrace). In other words, they are monsters.

2.)Americans believe for some reason that we are the good guys and if WE torture people, it is a righteous endeavor. It’s okay because we all know that God smiles on our every effort. Again…the arrogant attitude of a monster. We are perpetrating monstrous acts and whitewashing the deeds with a veneer of good intentions. It’s BULLSHIT of the highest water and it is going to send those who employ and condone it to whatever perdition awaits them when their time here is through.

Now those who argue in favor of torture sometimes mistakenly assume that it is ONLY waterboarding that we are employing at GITMO. Not true…not in the least. We have also forced them to ingest feces and urine (their own and others), We have refused them sleep for weeks at a time. We have beaten them and spilled their blood and broken their bones. We have applied electrodes to their genitals and shocked and burned them. We have stripped them naked and forced them to stand out in the elements until they drop. We have starved them and locked them in cold dark cells for weeks at a time with no human contact in unsanitary conditions. And we have used them in one scientific experiment after another with absolutely no regard for their welfare.

Every one of these methods can easily prove fatal. The issue here is of the nature of those who would do such things to a person they don’t even know. There is no revenge as a motive, only cold and calculated mistreatment, humiliation and abuse of other human beings. If we are fostering such heartless and cruel methods and ideologies how can we continue to claim righteousness? How can Christians meet their maker and justify these actions or support thereof? And most people who cheer such actions on, ARE self-professed Christians who swear a deep and abiding belief in, as some say, “a loving god who cares about us all… our god loves us be we black of skin or white even though we deny him he loves us…he is inclusive not exclusive”…and so on.

How will these people stand before their maker? What will they say when their God points to the scenes of carnage that their support garnered? Will they try to grovel and beg and claim that they were mistaken? Will they beg for mercy? How will those who have actually had a hand in it dignify and justify themselves in the eyes of their God? I don’t profess to believe in such things, but I DO unfailingly believe the universe is built on balance and the old adage that, " what goes around COMES around." Even if the atheists are right, and only the pragmatic mandates of their psychologies prevail, these torturers lack empathy and as such, qualify as sociopaths at the very least and psychopaths at the top end, and we “authorize” them to wield their monstrous wiles in our name. For shame!

Torture and the Nature Of Evil

George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

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