G. Yesthal

I have to say that I am a rabid supporter of Native American’s rights. There IS no arguing who was on this land first. It’s WHY they are called “NATIVE” Americans. What the white race did to them was worse than what Hitler did to the Jews or at the very least, just as bad. And we’ve had the nerve to sell our country to the rest of the world as the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” And by the way, the elitist, statist corporate government sold the same line of bullshit to its own people and they’re still lapping it up.

But that’s not what I’m writing about, I digress.

There’s the issue of all this flap about changing the name of the Redskins football franchise, and apparently, the Native Americans, while I don’t think they initiated the movement, have made it clear that they are certainly on board with it. And that disappoints me. I have always viewed my Native American brethren as more down to earth, not only in the rustic sense but in ideology. They have always seemed to me to know what is truly important in life, from when and what to plant where to seeing through most modern political bullshit.

Now from what I understand, the Redskin’s very logo was designed by native Americans, so at least at some point in the team’s history, they were okay with the name. Their skin certainly has a red hue, you have to look for it but it’s there, just as Asian’s skin has a yellowish overtone. So what’s the issue? Now they’re even saying it’s as bad as nigger. I have to say, this is patently ridiculous. I don’t think it’s EVER been slung with the same degree of hatred and rancor as the word nigger or there would NEVER have been a team with the name. Can you even imagine a team called the New Jersey Niggers? Of course not.

My people are Norwegian. The epithet for Scandinavians is “SQUAREHEAD”. Are our heads actually square? No…at least not in most cases. I believe it’s more a colloquial observation that the norse are lunk-headedly stubborn and often slow on the uptake and a bit thick. And yet, I have never in my life been able to take offense to the moniker. It simply doesn’t bother or effect me in the least. In fact when I was a youngster, I was constantly hearing terms like Guinea, Spic, Kike, Spook, Mic, Chink, etc. But nothing for the Scandinavians, and I remember mentioning it to my dad who told me, "Oh…we’re Squareheads. Well I have to say, I was so proud I tried getting it to catch on at school with little luck. The fact is I was put out that the norse seemed not to be important enough to foster their own epithet. Oh well…life goes on.

Keep in mind also, that I am no football fan. I don’t even understand the finer points of the game. And no, I’m not communist or gay. It simply doesn’t interest me in the least. So it’s not like this is coming from any athletic sense of righteous indignation over what can be considered our erstwhile national pastime.

Anyway, the point is, since maturing, I’ve grown to understand that racial name-calling is the province of the witless, so it represents absolutely NO consequence for me. And I’ve always revered the Native American culture for their abilities to see through such things as cultural bullshit. Maybe I’ve just been wrong all along and my assessment of them was just foolish and naive. But that doesn’t assuage to any degree my disappointment at the recent exhibition of pettiness toward the Redskin’s Logo and name, because, unless I’m terribly wrong, the original idea was a typical leftist ploy, once again, to foment racial outrage. I’m pretty sure Im right in saying, it was not originally put forth by the Native American people, but they were suckered in but the hype and momentum, and it has diminished the respect I’ve always held for them. Just a little.


George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

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