Jessica-Plumber Extraordinaire

George A. Yesthal

“Frankly Hal. the plumbing seems to be in fine condition”, said Dr. Jordan, thumbing through Hal’s extensive file of medical history. “I’m sure the type two is a contributing factor…or… it could be something as simple as the libido.”

" ‘As simple as the libido’!" Hal fired back. “Doc, with all due respect, Freud would have you flayed alive.”

The good doctor just grinned as he scribbled on his prescription pad. “Here’s a scrip for Ciallis. A lot of my patients are having good results with it. It lasts longer than Viagra and there are fewer side effects.”

“Thanks”, was all Hal said as he took the “scrip” and walked out of the office. On his way to the car Hal decided to make a stop at Myra’s and have a few. But, truth be told, it was to see Jessica.

He’d had disallowed fantasies of her since they’d met. There, however, was an undeniable bond between them from the very start. They shared the same taste in literature, art, music and lifestyles in general. The surprising note in this was that he was fifty nine…she was twenty two. Hence the disallowance. But just imagine the odds against the two of them sharing the same penchant for music. Most kids her age were listening to rap on I-pods all day. Jess loved the acid bands of the sixties. Hal could barely keep up a conversation with most people her age, and yet, he could talk with her into the wee hours of the morning and often did. In truth, he was falling in love, but he would not admit it.

As he pulled into the parking lot of Myra’s he noticed that the place seemed empty as evidenced by the fact that the only car in the lot was Jess’s. He saw through the window that old Mac Coreman was nodding off over his beer, but he would be walking next door to his room at Lynn’s motel shortly.

As he took his usual seat at the bar, Hal was served his other usual; Lager draft and Jack on the rocks. Jessica propped her elbows on the bar revealing the most alluring and ample cleavage and said, “What’s the matter, sugar?” She often called him that. She was intuitive too. Another thing he liked. Plus the fact that he could tell her anything. So he did. By the time he was through relating his problem and the doctor’s prognosis, Mac had left his meager tip and staggered out the door leaving them alone. Together.

Jess said nothing but patted Hal on the back of his hand and locked the front and side doors. She refilled Hal’s usuals and proceeded to clean up. “Need a hand?” asked Hal.

“You can take the trash out. I’ll be done by the time you’re back.”

Upon his return, Hal found Jessica by the door leading to the four upstairs apartments. Jess was, at the moment, in a relationship with a fellow a few years her senior and she lived with him but Myra had let her keep her rooms upstairs for free because it was good to have her there. Jessica was nothing if not vigilant.

C’mere", she said taking his hand and leading him up the stairs. “There’s somethin’ I’ve been waiting to show you.” Right then Hal had a Penthouse Forum moment and immediately smiled inwardly at the absurdity of it.

Upstairs Jess closed the door, pointed to the couch and said, “Sit”. Before she left the room she turned on the stereo and played Hendrix’s first album. Vinyl. She left the room for the bedroom or the bathroom. Hal couldn’t tell. He’d never been here before. When Jess returned the sultry almost slutty strains of “Hey Joe” were sliding through the atmosphere. As she made her way through the door Hal had just enough time to realize that she was wearing only a thigh-length robe…open. Then the lights went out. As Hal tried to focus he got a lump in his throat and croaked out, “Uh, Jess, What’s going on?”

“We are, Hal. Very soon now.” At this she stood in the alternating red and yellow flashing neon glow from Lynn’s and slowly let the robe fall. Hal, despite the October chill, began to sweat. “You’re nervous, Hal. I can tell. Don’t be. I want you, performance ready or not. It’s you I want, not your cock. There are ways around such things. I want you to relax, baby. Just that.”

Her words were like a balm to the jumbled up fears of inadequacy and resulting meager pragmatic rationalizations. Tension slipped away. This girl was a wonder. She walked to the couch and her proximity was electric. Jessica cupped Hal’s face in her hands as she bent to place the most gentle and genuine kiss on his lips that Hal, in all his Fifty nine years had experienced. As their kiss became deep and moist Jess pulled him ever so gently to a standing position and began to undress him.

Hal could feel more than see the the heaving roundness of her breasts as they rose and fell and it was then that he felt the warm stirring between his legs that had been no more real than the memory of a distant cousin for quite a while. Now, as she slid her hand through the opened zipper of his pants she met the pulsating welcome of what seemed like an old friend. “Freud be damned”, she whispered.

When they were both totally naked they drank each other in; swam in the sweat and musk that painted bright their coupling. “I’ve waited for you forever”, Jess moaned as she pulled him deeply home.

“I never saw you coming even though I’ve dreamed you. How will we make this work?’ asked Hal in halting breaths.

“It’s working on it’s own, baby”, was her reply.

Thursday, 7:45am

“Hello, Law offices of Datz, Alwell and Goode. Linda speaking. How may I help you?”

“Good morning, Linda, this is Hal. I won’t be in today, probably not tomorrow either. In fact I may be taking a leave of absence.”

“Hal, what’s wrong? Are you alright?

“No, I don’t think so, Linda. You see, I’m in love.”

Jessica-Plumber Extraordinaire

George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

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Been reading a lot of good erotica from you folks lately. I must confess that I’ve always found that kind of writing a bit silly and contrived if not well executed. You here at RedBubble have showed me that I was right. Hold on, now. I mean that you folks write it well. So here is my meager attempt.

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