My Rude Awakening

By: George A. Yesthal

I have finally woken up. After watching the Boston hullabaloo and the praise of the police state and all the America Rah-Rah, I realized that I am a minority. I am a person who still believes in reason and personal liberty and PERSONAL responsibility that comes with it. And that means responsibility for my own protection and that of my neighbors. But what I saw yesterday is a populace that is happy to be shut into their houses until heavily armed men come to the door, guns drawn and demand entry. I saw a shit-storm of fascist deployment that we have NEVER seen in this country’s history and has been fought against as a matter of course, welcomed with open arms. Arms that were, well…DISarmed. And the people rejoiced.

The people were led blindly into an acid bath of collectivist control. They loved it. I must have been wrong all this time, believing that the country I was raised in valued such ideals as freedom and personal liberty. I was raised to understand that these things are bought with risk and courage. There was a goodly while in this country’s short history that the majority understood that, to be free, one must be willing to fight for it; to be hurt for it and if need be, die for it.

But today the majority has traded freedom for the dream state illusion of security. The strong and admirable pioneer spirit of heroes like Thomas Jefferson, Davey Crocket and Wyatt Earp that at one time defined the American character is dead. No longer are Americans ready, willing or able to defend themselves with the iron backbone of their own individuality.

Yesterday, 4/19/2013, I watched in sadness, pity and no small amount of disgust as the American Spirit drew its last shuddering breath and fell cold and dead into the annals of history and I see no hope for resurrection. Yesterday I saw We The People bend a knee and offer up their sovereignty with bowed head to the power and might of a fascist faction that they mistakenly let themselves be propagandized into believing that they needed. It was a bully faction that anyone with the courage of self-reliance would recognize at once as the enemy. Not US but THEM, different, separate and pernicious. The people gave over the right to take things into their own hands because they have been so conditioned to the concept that they should let their betters handle such things and that those betters will take care of them if only they behave and obey.

What an impressive show of militant power the country witnessed when a governmental force rolled onto the scene and was so efficiently able to cow a city of millions into the prisons of their own homes and keep them there by announcing that it was for their own good and that they’d be better in such a confinement than out among their fellows because of the threat of an injured and fleeing suspected terrorist. It was amazing. They cleared the streets until it looked like a color episode of Twilight Zone with the wind echoing down the urban canyons of emptiness with naught of human presence but that of the uniformed sameness of our saviors.

And after the capture of the terrorist, my, but didn’t the liberated citizenry celebrate? Partying in the streets, jubilant alcohol-swilling students singing the praises of the policemen and FBI and DHS who ordered them into their domiciles and dormitories only hours before. What I find odd is the term ‘terrorist’. I think a better term is ‘miscreant’ because I find it hard to be “terrorized” by them. I realize that life is fraught with danger and being forced to stay in a prison terrifies me far more than the risk of death or injury, especially when the threat of prison is almost assured under a fascist regime.

History teaches nothing. We saw the Nazis follow the same tactical protocol in the subjugation of the German people. They bombed their own buildings and blamed it on the Jews or whomever else they wanted to demonize. I do not say every act of terrorism is the act of the government. I’m not that radical or foolish, but I do pay attention to cause and effect and the fact that this whole bizarre episode takes place during the pivotal legislation of CISPA and the on-going gun control issue is extremely suspicious, considering that it was timed so perfectly to an event that they knew the date of years in advance, especially when it is evident that this latest turn of events has shifted Obama’s flagging popularity back and given him a big public boost. But I’m not writing this to speculate. I’m writing it to express how the American people have turned over all responsibility for their wellbeing to a perceived superior faction and power, and I find that disgusting and abjectly abhorrent. Ah, but I’ve come to realize that as a personal failing.

I have always realized that it is QUALITY of life that seems most important. If I lack liberty of movement and freedom to pursue what brings me joy, my life is poorer for the lack. But recently, when I see what all the ‘normal’ people will endure so they can be made safe from death and injury, I’ve realized that I am wrong and the example set for me by my father when I was young, is an outlaw concept and I am a defiant reprobate. But I can’t be held responsible for my anti-social non-compliance. It’s not my fault. After all, I was raised by a bullyish mother and father who made me accountable for my actions.

I was forced to witness such things as the following. My father, while driving the family in the family car, encountered two thugs blocking the road and refusing to move. My father requested that they do so. These men began to throw foul epithets about right in front of my mother who was unused to such language. My father calmly parked the car and walked to the biggest of the two, who towered over dad. Dad spoke for a bit, we were never privy to what was said, I suppose because dad considered it irrelevant or inappropriate, but the next thing I saw was my father punch this giant of a man square in the face dropping him dramatically to the ground. They wrestled for a bit and had to be separated by bystanders. After talking for a bit, he thug pulled out his wallet after taking a sound drubbing at my father’s hands and offered to pay for my father’s glasses,. which had been knocked off and scratched during the fracas. My father told him to keep his money but the next time my father came his way, he’d better move. “Yes, sir…thank you sir,” was all I ever heard that fellow say.

So, this is the kind of trauma I was raised with. How can I be expected to be anything other than an obstinate patriot who demands to be left to my own ministrations and expect the same for others, when I was raised with such a lack of compassion for my delicate sensibilities?

And so, I’ve come to understand that it is I who am in the wrong. It’s a rude awakening to be certain, but better late than never. I suppose with therapy and a big brother to take care of me, I’ll eventually get better and learn to love my lot in life like normal people do. I’m already making headway. I realize, for example, that the days when I could bring a gun to school to go hunting afterward or attend the youth group shooting matches were a barbaric time before we all realized that it is the guns themselves that did the killing and we are damned lucky that a welfare state that spawned criminality made that so clear. But I know that I have nothing to worry about because the welfare guarantees adequacy for everyone and all we had to pay for it was…everything.

But now I am awake. Why does it seem so RUDE?

My Rude Awakening

George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

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