The Travesty and Tragedy

By: George A. Yesthal

The U.S. armed forces have a long tradition of honorable service…right?

Let me preface this by stating that I have nothing but the highest regard for the soldier that enters any of the branches of the armed forces with high ideals of patriotic service. They sign up knowing full well that they or their fellows may not be coming home and yet they consider the risk worth it, for whatever personal reasons. That, to me epitomizes bravery.

That being said, I’m sorry to have to conclude that the people who are really running things are exactly the opposite of honorable and their true sin is that they spin all manner of lies to promote the illusion that war is necessary to the welfare of our country, when in reality it is only beneficial to the increase of their coffers. The military industrial complex, which takes in hundreds of billions of dollars annually by supplying any number of wars that the U.S. is committed to (not to mention foreign arms sales), funnels all those profits into a select few powerful elite pockets while valiant young men and women go needlessly to early graves thinking they’re doing the world some good.

The whole miserable mess begs the question; how can war benefit anyone except by monetary profit? The price in collateral damage alone is nothing short of horrific. In today’s battlefield mind-set anything and anyone is expendable to achieve the perceived end. People at home who get only what the media spins to them don’t see it but those on the front lines certainly do. Most of those soldiers are moral individuals with a strong sense of right and wrong and a conscience that drives them to suicide in alarming numbers.

The military reports a rate of nearly one each day this year (or 207). By contrast, there were only 124 American battle fatalities in Afghanistan as of June 1 this year, according to the Pentagon.

There are contravening estimates as to the numbers of suicides among post service veterans but the one thing they all agree upon is that it is epidemic.

The sad part of all this is that these poor kids are entering into an endeavor that they compare to their predecessors in past engagements such as the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, that were something MORE than banker’s wars. All others including WW1 and II, while sold to the public as necessary to the salvation of the common man’s way of life and continued freedoms, were fought primarily for ulterior motives of the people who actually run global affairs. Ostensibly these wars we fought for human rights and freedom and the preservation of order. When our modern soldiers are faced with the harsh reality that they are wading ankle-deep in the blood and carnage of the innocent as well as the enemy, and all of the higher standards of engagement that they heard of from older vets, no longer exist and they wake up to realize that all their sacrifices and transgressions were for naught, it is too large a burden to live with.

There are those who survive the atrocities physically and escape the suicidal guilt but suffer shattered psyches nonetheless. Some will finish out long lives of a succession of failed relationships and poor employment histories due to the things they have buried under layers of emotional callousness, emptied into alcohol and substance abuse.

And then, unfortunately, there is that faction of soldiery that revels in the carnage and injustice rampant on the fields of war. That hidden maniacal personality flaw that hides well hidden beneath the surface of the quasi normal human being until the license is given to do murder in the name of patriotic service. The monstrous miscreants that take the opportunity of war to kill indiscriminately and then desecrate the bodies in all manner of dishonorable means. They are criminals protected under the right and might of military protection to rape, kill and pillage civilians as well as combatants. These are the survivors; the hard of heart and those bereft of any semblance of humanitarian empathy, the sociopaths and psychopaths that make it through to emerge from military service, only to flesh out our constabulary organizations. It is easy to see, once considering this fact, why police brutality has grown by leaps and bounds until it now exists in epidemic proportions.

We must ask ourselves hard questions like; why are most of the elite Navy Seals team 6, that allegedly took down Osama Bin Laden, dead? Many died in a helicopter “crash” and several more in unrelated yet, suspect “accidents”. Why have we gained nothing but trillions of dollars of national debt and horrific loss of lives and resources from the longest war in our nation’s history? Why does 51% of our federal income taxes go to the military budget when the unemployment and homeless rates in the U. S. are at record highs?

And other hard questions arise when we seek the truth and decide to come out from under the protective blankets of freedom from guilt that our government so freely disperses. Questions like; what are other real yet unspoken reasons for this war? We’ve all heard of the covert opium trade that helps fund and fuel the war machine AND the CIA’s lucrative drug trade ironically disguised as the “War on Drugs”. Some of us look the other way and some of us outright deny it, but we know it’s true. And how many other resources, legal or otherwise do we hope to usurp from it all? Once we start to ask honest questions they get harder and more numerous until the conscientious person can only conclude that we are complicit in crimes against humanity.

It is incumbent upon us, the American voting citizenry to open our eyes and realize the ruse we are being sold and see the useless and futile reality of it all. We are selling the lives of our precious children for a guise of pseudo-patriotism that is a mockery of true values that serves only the world banks and the proprietors thereof . We need to sober up from the emotional miasma we have let the powerful elite and world banking cartels that profit from war, convince us of, and concentrate on putting an end to their power. We MUST make this a priority. It is time to say no to the travesty and tragedy.We can only hope to accomplish this in united numbers and there are still way too many citizens laboring under an oppressive cognitive dissonance and sucking up every lie that our military people are heroes. I know it’s hard, especially for those who’ve lost loved ones in service, but it its THEY who should be in the vanguard of the Resistance. Only a united front in significant numbers will stem the tide of this travesty. We need adamant and determined voices by the millions screaming, “ENOUGH”.

The Travesty and Tragedy

George Yesthal

Brodheadsville, United States

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