Featured Works

As I’ve indicated in the past, it always amazes me that my humble efforts are so well received, especially here at the Bubble where so much astounding talent is gathered.
I often wonder as I view all the incredible art and writing; what do these folks see in my work? Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m not a bad artist, but when I judge my work against the mother load of shining talent here, I am humbled. And this is another wonderful thing about this venue, it keeps one focused and real.
This is why I’m astonished and so appreciative that some of my work has been featured. Notably by the groups:
The Love of Eerie and Enchanting Artwork
Finks of Inks
Woman Appreciation
The Adult Group
Tattoo Designs
Sci-Fi Multi Genre
Masterpieces: Literary workshop
This is such a stroke to the ego and definitely a push to be deserving of such honors. My heart-felt thanks and appreciation go out to all of you, my new comrades. Again, thank you all so very much.

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