The Illusion of What We Are Allowed.

George A. Yesthal
Minimum wage…it’s ALL relative. Some of us have been trying to explain this for years. Our strongest resistance comes from those poor, hard-working creatures that are terrified of losing what meager subsistence they’ve been granted by their masters.

They carry on about those ‘under’ them who want more money and the ONLY thing that sets them apart from people understanding the cost of living and what increases are NECESSARY to put the common man in a reasonable state of living, is this unreasonable lie they believe that just because someone delivers pizza for a living, that their plight is somehow less significant than the person who attended college to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars that their masters will NEVER let them repay.

YOU are entitled to a better economic standard than your masters are allowing you. A handful of miscreants are shaping your world and convincing you that neither you nor your brethren are WORTHY of more. It’s bullshit and if you believe it, it is YOU who deserve the fate you are being handed.
 $22.00 per hour is the current minimum needed to maintain a modern healthy standard of living.

Everything right down to our mental and socio-economical health has been diminished by the current standard of living. Mothers and fathers must BOTH work and in most cases hold more than one job, if they expect to provide the same standard of living that the father alone could provide in 1960.

My father was able to move my family from Queens N.Y. to the rural and bucolic country setting of Lk Owassa N.J where he built a large two family home for us and my grandparents in 1958 on a mechanic’s salary of $80.00 per wk. 
Life was BETTER then.

It COULD be better today if we could separate out the war-mongering sellers of misery world-wide, and strip them of their wealth and power and see them sitting in prison for life where they belong. This includes the Bushes, Obamas, Clintons and Cheneys of the world along with their masters, George Soros, the Kochs, Rockerfellers and Rothschilds et al.
We NEED examples and we NEED to educate the abysmally low information citizens of their REAL enemy. It’s NOT the burger flippers of the world. Believe it or not, THOSE are the workhorses that are the ONLY thing providing a semblance of stability to our flagging civilization. So we need to get our collective heads out of our asses and embrace the ‘unskilled’ earners in our society instead of doing the elite’s dirty work by ignoring that the minimum wage crowd are US. We are no better than they, for we ARE they and they are us. The dividing line between Us and Big Brother is the ONLY legitimate caste difference and THAT is what must change.

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