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I am privileged to be part of a health and environment conscious family of innovators who are striking out on a fight against the attitude of complacency regarding health. My daughter, Eve Yesthal has for some time been making her own dog food. She has come up with some organic recipes that have had remarkable restorative benefits for her own dog, ( a rescued mastiff named Paris ). She is now offering her pet food for sale. She is starting off slow and small but has already generated a great deal of interest locally. She would like to eventually offer this wonderful product nationally or even internationally.
Eve can describe this better, so I’ll turn this journal over to her.

Edibles for Petables

Organic blends for our best friends!

Mission statement:
The idea behind Edibles for Petables is a simple one…the key to a healthy life is healthy food. It’s true for all creatures.
“We are what we eat!”
Or in this case our pets are what we feed them.

It is with this in mind, that I set out to learn the truth about what’s in my best friends food. Though I was expecting to find some unhealthy ingredients. I was horrified to find that even the most reputable brands knowingly and willingly use the lowest quality and at times even toxic ingredients.
Driven by the decision to never again feed this sub-nutritional bag of toxins to our beloved “Big Soft”. I did some research into a canines nutritional needs and found that it’s as simple and sensible as our own. Since I was already in the habit of preparing organic, home grown, un-processed meals for my family. It was only natural that I started to make my own dog food. While this is a great idea, for those that have time on their hands and a willingness to get excited about proper canine nutrition. Lets face it, it’s just unrealistic for most working people. Lucky for you I have plenty of time on my hands, a love of animals and a passion for creating healthy, delicious food. It would give me a great deal of pride to be your pooches nutritional provider. And you can bet your best friend will thank you a thousand times over for giving them a longer, healthier life to be by your side.

Edibles for Petables is the perfect solution to a busy lifestyle. It is our goal to provide you with the a homemade and nutritionally balanced diet, made of only the finest organic meats and locally grown organic produce. All of which is freshly prepared and immediately frozen. Then within two days it is hand delivered to your door in pre-portioned and frozen flat freezer bags ( this saves on freezer space.)
Edibles for Petables delivers in New Jersey to Mercer and Monmouth counties twice a week. As of yet we do not ship our food but we’re happy to make special deliveries to those living outside our standard delivery area, within reason of course. More customers in one neighborhood means we can charge less for our product because our gas costs will be off set by more clients …so tell a friend!

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