Shop Clever on RedBubble:)

I have just received the pack of my postcards and stickers from RedBubble, and wanted to show them to you!

First of all, I’d like to say that the quality of the cards as well as stickers is really really good! I also received an extra RedBubble promotional sticker, which turned out to be so cute:)

The idea to create more personal greeting cards sticking a greeting on came to me a while ago. And when I created a first batch of card templates and stickers I ordered a few to have a look if the sizes match nicely and if they look good together. The sizes appeared to be just great!

The stickers also have quite a thick white border, which makes them even more universal, as they are perfectly visible on the background of any colour!

What I found really cool is that the stickers don’t come off the cards, but you can still remove them easily without damaging the card or the sticker itself. Just use something sharp to carefully get the corner of the sticker and peal it off.

You can find the variaty of stickers and greeting card templates in my RedBubble store here.
Stickers include common greetings, English alphabet, and different design elements, so you can vreate a card for any occasion.

Also I wanted to share my experience of a clever shopping on RedBubble:

So, what I noticed is: when you buy more things they appear to be cheaper than if you buy just a few. For example, the price of 3 stickers = 6 stickers. So if you need no less than 3, it is better to order 6 of them as the rest 3 will basically go for free. But if you buy just 4, you will pay more than you’d pay for 6!

If you buy 8 cards, you are given a 20% discount. So if you need 7 cards, you better order 8, because the last one will be absolutely free! For example, if the price of the cards you chose is 1.44£/each, and you buy 8 of them, you will not have to pay 11.52£ (1.44£x8), but only 9.20£, which makes the price of each card go down to 1.15£.

Here is a short table for the standard prices for cards (with authors having 20%):

100 × 150 Greeting Card:
£1.44 /per 1;
£9.20 (not 11.52£)/per 8;
£16.16 (not 23.04£)/per 16

125 × 190 Greeting Card:
£13.84 (not 17.28£)/8;
£24.16£ (not 34.56£)/16

100 × 150 Postcard:
£7.36 (not 9.2£)/8;
£12.80 (not 18.4£)/16

Also look for the authors discounts (I always have some, which I write in the description area of the product) and the RedBubble holiday sales!

As there are many prints and products available on RB, I always give a 10-20% discount to at least 1 print per almost every image I upload.

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