Time tickereth and waiteth for none

Hari OM
…ooppsss… been a bit neglectful here. All that prep elsewhere for the big trip Down Under. I am interested that I consider it a trip ‘home’; being born Scottish and spending early adulthood here doesn’t mean anything, neither does retiring here, it seems. The land I chose and which adopted me warmly… that is ‘home’…

Here is the place I stay.

Meanwhile, all the focused hours put in blog posts has finally reached target and am covered till year end on all three now. Woohoo.

Now working on getting some more designs up here; have just trawled through and dumped the non-performers. Have also gone over those which remain, tizzying here and there to maximise the look on various products. Some product removed from certain designs… that sort of thing. Like to keep things fresh and interesting!

Am finding that I love the textiles stuff, so most patterns now are geared towards those items, but if they work on the tech and wall-wear too, all the better.

Hope you have a super October… YAM xx

“I am not lost in a dream; I am only dreaming that I am lost.”
(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

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