Swerves, curves and roundabouts

Hari OM
Well, the RB community has been something of spin of late, due to a major change in the way artists operate behind the scenes. The motivation is certainly valid, however the execution has left much to be desired. One of the positives, though, is that there are plenty of ways for the artists to voice their concerns and no doubt, in time, things will settle. Meanwhile, we have all been adjusting and paddling frantically beneath the surface our works! The swerve we were served kept us well busy.

At this little cabin, I have been getting rather more confident with the free design software I downloaded and could see quite some possibilities. Twisting and turning the mouse in ever increasing curves. I became firmly convinced of the value of the ‘starter’ program that a few days ago I bought the full package…

…and have been on yet another learning roundabout! Loving every minute. Some of the more pleasing results are already, and will continue to, appear here.

One of my loves is to find a design which lends itself to multiple colourways – the very essence of design for textiles, in particular. Additionally, I do like to have designs which can be mixed and matched as counterpoints, as well as blending the colours. As the RB product range extends, this becomes more pertinent. It is also worth noting that one of the big decorator items – wall hangings of various types – can be obtained in those designs also – so if going for cushions or duvet covers, it is possible to coordinate your room totally!

Have a fine week. YAM xx

“Temper takes you to trouble. Pride keeps you there.”
(HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda)

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