Carolina, Puerto Rico

I’m your typical young woman who delves in all things artistic… and conventional. Writing is a hobbie—and a preferred...


You Put a Spell on Me

I keep seeing things out of the corner of my eyes / I keep thinking they may be all sorts of lies

Short Story

I wrote a story in the Book of Dreams / Of love and sin and unpredictable schemes / You were here with your heart wide open / But I couldn&…

These regrets won’t let me sleep

Ripped pages far back / Crumples next to the trash can of forgotten sands… / They cannot erase the possibility I lacked / What I did …

Life is a game of perception

From the moment we are thrown out of the Temple of Creation, we are automatically labeled as ‘players’ in the game of perceptio…

Caida del Cielo

This sin was not yours / Wounds wide open that sting and burn / Pulled from the whomb of a pink craddle / Now in darkness you toil

My Guardian’s Crown

A halo overhead / Clad in jewels and possibilities / Visible but not seen with eyes wide open / Spinning on the outter rim a river of dream…

I’ve never known not of love

I say I know of love and all its forms / Of when its missed, happy or otherwise torn / When love is conjured — mixed with flesh / As …

A dream grant it life

A touch; / A simple touch on flesh / On broken flesh it bind / To it the healing power of love

I am without…

I am without… a coping method / With no more patience anchored to my back / Words dying on dry lips / Told and screamed in silence; …

On Hiatus

Swinging over the edge of the world / Where there is nothing but flowing matter of creation / A spoonful of satisfied smiles / I swallow pu…

Mare Marginis

The secrets of our affair written and locked away / Inside the snow foam breaking on the surface

A promised goobye is often the worst one

Just when I finished stitching together my heart / And the memories of you faded into the background

Into the Garden of Iris where my Phoenix Butterfl…

A sweet scent of honey and flower perfume drew me to a meritorious garden / Teeming with fantastical beings tagged with legends personally …

By the timeline…

By the time I was a day old / the memories of heaven were still quite fresh / God, at his throne, held and shone a star on his hand / blew …

Darling, stand by me

Darling / Darling, / Hold my hand if you fall / Pull yourself from the dirt. / black earth, / and give in to an embrace

Past locked gates and hanging gardens lie the sou…

… tick of the source / guarded by colossal gates of gold / hanging gardens decor intricate lines that outline / the ying in the yang&…

Almost too painful to fly

My wings folded / dim in luster / no strong flaps / to climb me above forsaken clouds

According to Empedocles, I can be WATER

All the water I’d gather / in your cupped hands / and mirror your reflection upon my own / The glow produced by the liquid gathering …

Drowning in alcohol

Your faithful companion / Fingers firmly wrapped around the glossy outer glass / Jealously guarded by stupefied eyes

Last Dawn’s Leviathan

Can you not breathe my plea? Can you not sense that from the soil sprouts blood and not flowers from seeds?

I accidentally birthed a muse today

I have succumbed to the heat of day and now hallucinate of other worldly wonders / My body rests sideways on the white sand dune I call my …

Mare Insularum

We’ve turned this night of calm into a tempest of emotions / Creating flames from the friction of our humid bodies / Writing the sto…

Fable of our Love

It happened then… in a midsummer afternoon dream / Before the train of chances would depart / Time ticking a quarter past three / In …

The Secret ~ For sMiles

All / the / tears / we’ve / bled / have been collected in a vial labeled LIFE / carefully placed, under key, in the cupboard of desti…

Does a compass ever lie?

To escape this white winter landscape / Is to travel NORTH to where your ice-melting sun rises

I don’t need you to tell me

I don’t need you to tell me I am beautiful / I don’t need the words to convince myself that it’s true

A demon at my door

I stumble to the barrier between this visitor who had never visited before. A single deep umber eye looks through the peephole of my soul.

Gibbergibber of the Mind

Walk the distance. / Forget to stall. / The incandescent feed of man. / Hope entertains the lonely soul.

The shower of washed away sins

I see it peel off my skin along with many other sins I dastardly committed / The heaviness of soot paints a verticality / To the nethermost…

Mare Frigoris

I stare at the remoteness in your eyes / And find nothing but diamond dust

I don’t relinquish love but I do relinquish…

I purge you from my heart / And deconstruct each memory

Maria + Me – M = Aria

I find myself bemused that I have reached my own Noesis; / A secret study of the dichotomy that exists within me

From one dream to the next until I find you

In the dream, I fell in quicksand slowly sinking into a muddy abyss of not having you

A Orillas del Encanto

Contempla conmigo el oleaje sensual / Y suspira produnfo, del mar, la sal


Excuse me, yes, hello!! / I wonder if you could help me / I’m looking for Myself. Have you seen her?


By then, my feet were frozen and numb, / the chill preventing me to overcome / the fear of waiting for spring


Her swinging hips catch your eye / Crimson red lips can mesmerize


Life is a bitch sometimes, this I understand / But wanting to abandon me before forever comes, is less than I can withstand

The Grave Beneath the Rain

I stand before your grave and read it’s name: / “The father I didn’t really know”


I dreamed last night that I was tattooed

Aquí hay guerra

Aquí hay guerra entre los Señores del Destino / y las almas tristes del olvido. / La sangre corre por las calles / a manos llenas y con det…

At the Edge of a Precipice

I look down and see a lonely nothing / When in reality there’s actually everything. / I can see the world turning / And the flowers, …

Gasping for Air

I can’t… breathe!! / The stares are suffocating me.

Kiss Me

Kiss me hard, kiss me gentle / Kiss me until my skin tingles…
Fuel The Fire, My Friend by YakusokuNono

Moon Stalker

I have never seen something quite so beautiful.
The Teddy Hater by YakusokuNono

If I Should Fade

And if I should fade tomorrow / who would remember me?

Father, why?

Father, why haven’t you called? / What have I done to deserve this solitude / without your strong presence guiding me through the sha…
Lady of Time by YakusokuNono Izanami by YakusokuNono

The Other Side of Love

“How could it be that there’s no glow between him and me?”
Beauty by YakusokuNono

I Write…

Let me steal the hope of one drop’s rain / As I sit and write a one woman’s pain
Strength by YakusokuNono Two of a Kind by YakusokuNono
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