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I’m your typical young woman who delves in all things artistic… and conventional. Writing is a hobbie—and a preferred...

I am a Hidonistic Fabulist

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‘I said “I’m not afraid of what I know, And I’m not concerned about what I don’t know
It’s what I don’t know about what I don’t know that kills me because it’ll never won’t show”
Still I don’t ever want to dwell on things out of my understanding because I know if you are gripped by fear in any situation you don’t grow’ – Shoaib

“Nothing grows without friction; not mountains , not pearls, not people.” – BradMcduff

“That aria is for singing your own praises..
no one will do it better than yourself.
Self Love and recognition.
And then we have the Ma…..
for better the essence of what a nurturious life is there,
The Root…..”mar” close to “matter”·, “mother”…..mom…
the essence, deep where you have been born in soul..
Good name yes…
symbolic as it is…
good name…”
- RosaCobos

“…You are in continuation..not as one dejected, but one who saw the ashes of her own self and renewed the Earth with it…one who allowed herself to grow from herself…”
- lolowe

“When you write a ‘subject’ your angle is the ‘tiniest detail’ that re-educates the reader. All of us tend to operate on Auto until we hit a ‘wall’ we can’t for the life of us figure out what we’re missing…its Always in the Details. Another example is Breathing…completely auto till you stop an Mindfully Breath in an feel the oxygen flow an feel its release…You could write Breaths an It would be Awarded! (as it should be!)” – Lyssa sMiles

“Dreams glue soul to sanity and heart to heaven” – Jimenace

“…as the Butterfly and the Phoenix combined, fly to the skies and bewilder us…” – happyfeet5

“to be held back by that dark ink….but is it love or pain that holds us back? Do we hold ourselves back by painting that white feather black ourselves? Are we set free by our own hand or by another’s through unconditional love? This is a lovely soft read because for me it brings in all the love aspects of struggle and freedom, be it within one self or with others to ultimately find that gentle touch to set us free.” -cosimopiro

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Hair of Clouds

This day has weighed heavy on my head with so many thoughts and think think thinking. But the sound of crunching gravel beneath my flip flops proves to be a much needed break and before long I am upon the stairs that will lead me to my home. / I stop. Look up. And see not its end but a raving blue sky with no clouds in sight… just infinite blue as if the ocean had fallen into the sky and fo…
Posted about 7 years – 10 comments

Miles and miles after

After rummaging through my things, organizing and cleaning, I stumbled upon an envelope with lots of doodles and written words on it. Nothing special. I always doodle on any surface while thinking of the next thing. / But, once I turned the envelope around, I found a letter written by me, long long ago, I imagined. It was so sad, my heart dropped from the chasm it beats in. I thought to myself th…
Posted about 7 years – 5 comments

Elemental Creation

From the barren anhydrous solid sea / Sprung a single infinitesimal flower / Flowing outwards, a medley of sonnets / Each note transmuting the world / With a myriad of variegated soul kisses
Posted about 7 years – 8 comments

Maria + Me - M = Aria

The new equation that better suits my personality. / I came upon it after the events that transpired during the time I was absent from redbubble. See, there is a gap in my work from how I was to who I am now. Within that gap many things happened to the self I now embrace. / I sunk into a very dark depression where I thought I was alone; where I lost the cousin I had been planning to see but never…
Posted about 7 years – 15 comments

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You Put a Spell on Me

I keep seeing things out of the corner of my eyes / I keep thinking they may be all sorts of lies

Short Story

I wrote a story in the Book of Dreams / Of love and sin and unpredictable schemes / You were here with your heart wide open / But I couldn&…

These regrets won’t let me sleep

Ripped pages far back / Crumples next to the trash can of forgotten sands… / They cannot erase the possibility I lacked / What I did …

Life is a game of perception

From the moment we are thrown out of the Temple of Creation, we are automatically labeled as ‘players’ in the game of perceptio…

Caida del Cielo

This sin was not yours / Wounds wide open that sting and burn / Pulled from the whomb of a pink craddle / Now in darkness you toil

My Guardian’s Crown

A halo overhead / Clad in jewels and possibilities / Visible but not seen with eyes wide open / Spinning on the outter rim a river of dream…

I’ve never known not of love

I say I know of love and all its forms / Of when its missed, happy or otherwise torn / When love is conjured — mixed with flesh / As …

A dream grant it life

A touch; / A simple touch on flesh / On broken flesh it bind / To it the healing power of love

I am without…

I am without… a coping method / With no more patience anchored to my back / Words dying on dry lips / Told and screamed in silence; …

On Hiatus

Swinging over the edge of the world / Where there is nothing but flowing matter of creation / A spoonful of satisfied smiles / I swallow pu…

Mare Marginis

The secrets of our affair written and locked away / Inside the snow foam breaking on the surface

A promised goobye is often the worst one

Just when I finished stitching together my heart / And the memories of you faded into the background
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