Where the problem really lies? ( an open letter for OWS)

City after city it has been awaken by #OCCUPYWALLSTREET movement in the last month, a movement I have already talked about it on my blog The Good, the Bad and the Ugly . This awakening is a logic and direct respond of the problems American Society is facing right now ( exposed in American Trinity ) but again, as I have been insisting in mention it the last weeks, the problem won’t be fix at Wall Street, but rather on Capitol Hill. Why? well, there are some functioning facts here that I want to expose, that makes it utopia to pretend to change the whole economy of the world and US Policies. I really think OWS should redirect it’s fight if we really want to see Changes in our Government and Economy, to once for all to end this Collusion existing between our Government and the Corporations.

The basic end of a Corporation is to profit, to create new markets, new products and more production under constant reduction on costs , to grow and profit, even if that means to put on risk human lives and the future of new generations. Humans, people, have become a factor of Economical Charts, individuality and identity, have been mutate into Standardize numbers of consumption, an expendable factor of a mathematical-macroeconomic algorithm. All just for profits. A money making machine.That’s the pure spirit of a Corporation.
Today, this corporations have become little kingdoms, Clans, that function as individuals, with the same rights of an individual, not being one. Corporations have not flags but their own logo, no nations but their own offices and factories, citizens but their own workers, not religion but their own products, not Government but their own Board of Directors with its CEO as President. Corporations are powerful, soulless, greedy and without boundaries. That’s how they are, and they won’t change. Unless they are forced to do so.

Walking sideways to the Corporations is the Government. As many of you already know, the State is divided in 3 branches, Legislative, Executive and Judicial , being the Congress and the Senate the Legislative branch, the President and the different Departments, appointed by the President are the Executive Brand, and then we have the Supreme Court being the head of the Judicial Branch.
This powers have being divided to avoid too much power in one single spot, avoiding tyrannies and dictatorships, at the same time, it creates a Balances of Power, that force each branch to control each other. Between this 3 branches, the Legislative is the most influential and where the real power lies, being in hear were Laws are made, is in here where war and budget decisions are taken. But it also holds another power, is the biggest President brewer.
The branches of power should be responsible for the smooth running of our nation and holds the responsibility to warrant the progress and security of its citizens by regulating Private Enterprise to avoid abuse, and an imbalance of justice and power. Something that our government not just failed to do, but have taken vantage of power to abused it, and let Corporations to grow wild to the point of making of out Democratic Republic a Corporate Tyranny, making the Congress on the tool to exert control over the whole Political and Economical System.

Initially, through the creation of Think Tanks, armies of Lawyers have been sent to Congress and Senate to convince OUR REPRESENTATIVE to work on their side. Things have gone as a far as for the Congress to let the Think Tanks to Write the Bills that will be approved at Capitol Hill.
Also, by the legal Electoral Donations, Corporations have directly influence on Presidential Candidates, as it happen with Lockheed Martin in 2006 where they gave 1.3 Million to the Democrat Candidate and 1.7 Millions to the Republican Candidate ( covering any possibility.) Many Senators and Congressmen/women that had some support from Military Corporations vote YES (and without argument) to go to War with Iraq, covering their responsibilities under the Fact President Bush was forging the proves to justify the war. Everyone at Capitol Hill knew this, no one care. What matters is to hold their sits of power, at what ever cost it takes.
Today, this alliance has evolved to the point of letting ex executives and ex lawyers of private enterprise to hold sits in the House and the Senate, as well as key sits on the Supreme Court, making the Corporation to directly influence the Legislative and Judicial System affecting their deceptions towards their own agendas.
Many House and Senate representatives that run for Presidency already have this ties with Corporations, the best example is George W. Bush’s Vice-President, Dick Cheney (the real power behind Bush and ex-CEO of Halliburton, a major conglomerate of companies in the Military, Oil, Construction, Security industries.) Is no wonder why the War in Iraq and Afghanistan happened, the Construction of the Wall with Mexico as well as the increasing repression agains Illegal Immigrant, the construction of Detention Centers and Military bases around the world at astonishing high prices.

As many of you can appreciate, every single aspect of our society today it’s being affected by the decaying quality of products, services and lack of Government control over abusive and neglecting behaviors many Corporations are showing. Health Industry, Construction, Real Estates, Pharmacist, Banks, Education, Food industries are showing sings of getting out of control, lower quality products, extremely high, and sometimes abusive, prices. More and more Bills are passed on the Congress to help the Corporation. Even the Obama Health Plan, the Job Plan, just to mention a free. And the end is not on sight.

After exposing this, I assure you that by Occupying Wall Street, nothing will be resolved. NOTHING. The Corporations, by nature, won’t listen or reconsider their Global Position. They are well protected. Occupy Wall Street can continue chanting, marching, detentions and beatings, but it will be only that, a Protest. Repression will grown, the media will start manipulating the events till is no more. BUT, going back to what I wrote, we NEED TO GO TO WHERE THE REAL PROBLEM LIES,that is The Congress and the Senate.
By Cleaning the house of any Private influence and by cutting the existing ties between them, Corporations will loose the grip they have over our Democracy and over all branches of power. Their Illegal Protection and their Greed Control over national and foreign policies will be disabled, allowing The People once again to be fully Represented, by giving the back the tools of Regulation and Accountability over the Private Enterprises. Many things could change, and less wars would happened. Sounds impossible? I don’t think so, it looks more real than go to Wall Street.
I was thinking the other day, Did Martin Luther King Jr. marched to Capitol Hill or to Wall Street to end the shameful Apartheid in the US or Did the Anti-Vietnam War to end a war that was bleeding America and a complete generation of youths? Did the Gay Movement marched onto Capitol Hill or Wall Street asking for equal and human treatment under the Law?
Occupy Wall Street, listen, you are in the wrong spot if you are REALLY looking for real Change. Occupy Capitol Hill, and you will see a real Change.



Where the problem really lies? ( an open letter for OWS)

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