The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (#occupywallstreet)

Any intent of rising against the disfunctions of a Political or Economical system that has been established for a long time, has its dangers. When groups decide to rise in protest, looking for changes or reforms, should have a clear idea of why they are protesting and what kind of changes they want to make, if they want to fulfill their goals to restructure the actual system or to change it completely. To achieve this, any movement would need clear Ideas, direct and meaningful methods, as well as an a uniformed ideology and goals, that will sustain them to reach their goals.
Supposedly from “no where”, a movement has arose in recent weeks, looking to end the Corporation’s influence in the United States politic and judicial System. They call themselves Occupy Wall Street. This “unorganize” group have been inspired by the successful Non-Violent Revolution that happened in Egypt last Spring. Looking to generate a change by taking public spaces to create awareness on their issues and to bring people from all factions social stratus to start a Non-Violent uprising against the actual and broken Corporate-Political system. But this is not Egypt, and what OWS wants is a lot more complex, wider and with so many branches that affects every single part of US Society with direct consequences around the world. So far, I’m not sure if OWS really realize this.
As every movement that has appear in our history, OWS has many faces, a Good one, a Bad one and a one that can turn into a really Ugly one, in the case things are not well directed and without real goal and objectives.

It was time someone decide to stand up and show us, to those that haven’t realized it yet, that people is not happy with the actual and constant abuse of the Corporation over the population, as well as the symbiotic existence between the Government and these Corporations. That’s the Good side of Occupy Wall Street. Many groups that have been protesting in the last decade against Globalization and Corporate abuse have joined to stand up against the waves of Corruption and lack of accountability Wall Street have shown since the beginning of this already to long Recession. The ideal is to create consciousness on the general population and to create a spot light of the popular discontent. I would say Finally is happening.

Occupy Wall Street doesn’t come from no where. For many years Anti-Globalization groups have been showing up in every Economical event to protest, those are the same groups that today are sitting at the plaza of Wall Street. It is a very despair group, from Ecologist and Naturalist to Anarchists, including left winged groups, that each one have different approaches to the issue. These groups are very despair between them and each one has it’s own reason to protest, with its own colors and methods. That’s under my believe a Bad thing.
Putting too many groups with different goals or agendas without removing their claims and be unified under a same National Goal, will not let OWS to have a more clear idea of what the goals are, the message get confusing and there is not a uniformly methodology need it to create a real change, a National Uprise with a National Goal.
If we don’t removed all little and superficial claims, the distracting arguments that has kept unfix to keep us busy (women rights, gay rights, animal rights. pro-life/prochoice, racism, drugs legalization, silly insults, lack of respect towards the movement, police margination, etc) , without really focusing in the goal to change the actual broken system, OWS will lack of seriousness and many will stay away from the movement. It needs to be Universal, simpler, clear, pragmatic and straight to point.
Look other non-violent movements of our recent past, in the 60s people rose up against the War in Vietnam. Until it didn’t end, the marches and the stand off didn’t stop. Berlin 1989, until the Wall didn’t fall, Berliners kept marching, until they were able to cross it. Serbia, 2000, one goal, to bring down Milosevic and they didn’t stop until he had fallen. Egypt, 2011, until Mubarak wasn’t out, people endured. So I ask OWS, Is this a real Social Uprising that look for a real change and it won’t be over until it happen or this is just another Ant-Everything protest without a major transcendence for our nation?

I Insist, we should have one goal, to END CORRUPTION in our political representative and those sustaining the structure of power. By doing so, the Corporations will lose the tool they use to maintain the grip over the population and they will be forced to abide to the real will of The People, to the Democratic system. If Occupy Wall Street keeps being distracted, looking support from every where without filtrating what’s really helpful and witch support compels with the Ideologic lines of the Movement, it couldl create a really Ugly reality for the movement.
Allowing any extremist groups, person or any political Party to start supporting OWS, the Movement will end up highjacked and will lose the Historical Momentum it could have. What have been started as a Non-Violent movement it could turn into a very aggressive, radical, empty and violent movement.The OWS Movement could loose all argument and any chance it’s creating for real Change and not just for us, but for many after us.
It’s Imperative to fully focus on the Goal, that is, under my opinion, the clean and fix the political system first. To Force the Congress to put their shit in order and to start working for The People, not for their anti-costitutional masters, even if that means they all have to resign and call for new elections. Electoral Donations, Lobbyism, Representative, Supreme Judges, Vice-Presidents and Presidents with links to Corporations must be finished. We can’t allow Private Hands to buy our Democracy.
From there we can proceed to fix the lower layers of the System.By Non-Violence, by Non-Cooperation and with a more Universal message for Change, directed to the right spots of the Political-Economical Structure, Americans, little by little, will believe in the OWS message and cause, and they will come from all the Political Spectrum and all Economical Backgrounds. This is a a National Problem and needs to be fixed once far all. It’s Imperative to save what little is left of our 235 old Experiment with Democracy. IF we don’t react and build a National movement for Change, the odds for failure will increase.
And as the Superpower we use to call ourselves too often, the responsibility of the actions of our National Corporations, Military Forces and Policies reach the whole world, so if the Change happens from Inside, i will create a global Change, where, hopefully, Justice and Truth will prevail, and millions of lives may also be saved.
So with my Support to Occupy Wall Street, I ask you, It’s time to get rid of the Child like protests, methods and lack of goals and organization.It’s time to start a National Movement for a Real Change. Is our responsibility, toward ourselves and to those we have no clue we affect. Let’s not repeat the Failure of the German People to stop the Third Right.


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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (#occupywallstreet)

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