Civil Disobedience is the Active, professed refusal to Obey certain Laws, demands and comands of a Government or of an Occupying Foreign Power.

Civil Disobedience should be Non-Violent resistance, Compassion in the form of Respectful Disagreement.The intention Social Disobedience is to Provoke an reaction of the Authority, exposing its brutality and injustice. Those using Social Disobedience in aNon-Violent way.

Social Disobedience always work inside the framework of the Law, it’s in the defiance of an amoral law, that Activist should be aware of the injustice of the system and be in peace with the consequence of their disobedience

by President Barack Obama and the US Congress for the NATIVE AMERICAN GENOCIDE

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iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7

Every time a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy hits the market, we are overwhelmed by clean cut, shiny ads and commercials, selling us a bright, luxurious and futuristic future in where we have to invest a quarter or more of or regular living rent to buy these tickets into a fictional futuristic life. Nowhere on these ads or on this nicely cleaned packaged products we can observe the real future that…
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Hi Guys, I want to ask you all of you here to please participate on this campaign for a daring friend Alejo Angee. Few years ago he rescued a tiny puppy from the Shelter and it became in a wonderful and mischievous friend for my friend. Salvador rescued Alejo instead of Alejo rescued him :O) Salvador is a big furry bag of love and energy. (I helped Alejo to put new grass on the yard after Salvado…
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אני רק מבקש מהקדוש אחד - فقط ما أطلبه من الله - I only ask from the Holy One

I only ask from the holy one not to be indifferent to war / it is a big monster & it crushes the innocence of the people / כל שאבקש אלהים לא ליהות אדיש למלחמה / היא מפלצת כל כך ענקית שדורסת את התמימות האנושית / By 1980 The Fascist Military Government of Argentina tried to create as War with Chile for a small lake at the tip of the Southern Continent, as a way to distract Argentinean Populatio…
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9 inches Plate Revolution 2.0 (Revised)

I would like to do a small experiment with you. Check if you can grab a plate from a China Set from your mother or grandmother. Then, grab the same dinner plate but from your actual china set you use today and put the old plate on top of the new one…… Do you see any difference ?? Well, you should see a big chance in diameters of both plates, today plates are way to big in comparis…
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