The cuts on her wrist were fresh and they stung.
Yet she dare not cry, she was too strong for tears.
She had not intended to actually slice herself,
And was shocked at the sight of the red fluid falling from her left wrist,
But she had done it,
There was no way she could erase the marks in her flesh,
As much as she tried.

She had only intended on scaring her friend.
She only intended on testing someone who she cared for
To see if they cared for her as much as she cared for them.
When that didn’t work
She had no one to go to.
She couldn’t speak.
Knowing what she had done was bad enough
How could she sink to this level of despair?
Was life really that horrible?
She realized it wasn’t and wished she had never done it
She wished she hadn’t wanted to test her friend
That wasn’t the way to go.
Instead of scaring her friend,
She scared herself.

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