From beer to mixed wine

I don’t know how to tell my fellow beer drinking mates that I’m actually liking wine. Red wine to be exact. I know that to most that isn’t such a big deal. But in the circle I run in beer is the preferred drink. Anything else is an insult and considered almost a form of cheating. How do I tell my mates … " It’s not them, it’s me ? " … " It just … happened ".

Maybe I should start at the beginning.

It was a mildly warm Saturday night and the music was pumping, people dancing and others mixing and mingling. Laughter coming from the little groups of people gathered around the wooden decking area and lounge. Attention to one crowd nestled around the outside fire drinking Heineken and Stella Artois. Talking about random subjects with no actual intellectual outcome. But that was okay as most of them were heading towards that transitional zone between, being aware of the fact that a few more beers and the really bad kareoke impressions were coming and the … falling over stupid and telling everyone (including people you’d never ever met before) that you love them etc.

That’s when this attractive well dressed woman walked up and started introducing hersel to the mildly intoxicated tribe. After the usual pleasantries offered to the newbie conversation soon turned to the most ridiculous subjects. For example: How could anyone on Sesame Street not see the hairy elephant Snuffolufagus (or however you spell it) for so long ? and Who would win if in a Tongue Twister Contest between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Slyvester Stallone ? Thankfully the newbie to the tribe saved us from total embaressment and turned the topic to different alcoholic drinks. Which leads me to the obvious … Mixed Wine episode.

You see in her slender manicured fingers she held a glass, and in that glass was a concoction of Merlot & Coke a Cola. I KNOW !!! I was like wtf ? I mean I didn’t even know you could mix wine with anything let alone a soft drink. Anyway she offered me a sip of her wine and fizzy, and to horror of my Brotherhood of the Beer Swinglers, I accepted. After I took that sip from her glass I suddenly realised how Adam must have felt after taking that fateful bite of the forbidden fruit. With all the inner strength I could muster I told my tribesmen that it didn’t taste all that great and that I didn’t understand why she liked it that much.

Suffice it to say. I haven’t picked up a beer since that night and even went as far as to buy the wine and coke. Has anyone else out there tried that mix and liked it ?

I now understand that saying that sometimes " Ignorance IS bliss ".

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