Stargate Alliance: Worlds of the Doctor; Part One

Disclaimer: This is a fanficiton, I do not have permission to use the characters, but beyond the characters used this is an original story by me which is still in progress. So please, don’t sue me, this is just for fun.

Stargate Alliance: Worlds of the Doctor.

Episode 1) A New Arrival, the Second Race.

The hum of the engines surged in an on going A flat, the occasional hiccup lowering it to a B sharp. Samantha Carter looked on curiously as her tests continued on Merlin’s device, seated next to the high density carbon steel Naquadrium hull that transmitted the engine’s tone to the outer room. The Daedalus of course being SG-1’s temporary new home after a particularly brutal battle that left the SGC as a radiation wreck, General Landry had ordered them to remain on board, with the Stargate for further assignments. This of course came as a bit of an annoyance after an earlier event where the team was trapped in a time bubble for some fifty years. The Asgard upgraded Daedalus’ equipment before their mass suicide, finalizing their already delayed extinction, and leaving SG1 with their legacy.

Merlin’s phasing technology, which in this case was a reproduction and their first attempt at a large scale version, was to be implemented in the first fully operation Delta A Space Station. A miniature version of Atlantis designed to house the fully excavated ancient defense station, with human quality of course.

“Damn IT!” Sam’s voice echoed in the small room, “Why won’t you work? I’ve connected the variance crystal, checked the polarization, lined the damned refractors…Maybe…” She took from a drawer in her work table a small long tool, shaped like a screwdriver, ran a line to her computer, and switched on the monitor.
“…Er..” Biting her lip she prodded at the machine.

“scrrrr Colonel Carter…”
“Ye..yes.” Carter twisted a bit hitting the com button on the wall next to the door.
“We need you in the SGCM.”
“Right…on my way. What’s going on?”
“Doctor Jackson and Colonel Mitchell just returned.”

Closing her notebook and removing the power line to the device, she opened the door and ran down the hall. Two decks later and three halls she was in the SGCM, a cargo hold turned into a Stargate housing facility. An Atlantis dialing core, salvaged from the time Jumper now sat in front, with a secondary computer to control the gate’s iris. Daniel was waiting patiently for Sam, a smug almost contemplative look across his face.

“Sam…I’ve got it…”
“Was it where the tomb said it was?”
“Well not exactly, I had to barter with a few of the natives there to get it. Apparently it was a gift from the gods. They worshiped it, I guess the Palm Pilot I had was worth enough a trade from another god.”
“They thought you were a god, now that’s funny.”
“Yes, it seems that it was producing the same frequency that blocks the prior’s abilities. The natives told me that a prior had come to them, but found it difficult to perform his tricks. They actually chased him back to the Stargate.”
“It must have some sort of power source, if it’s as old as the tomb said it was, it must have what we need.”

The two walked back out the corridor as Daniel finally found the pocket he had stuck the object in. It was a long silver metallic cylinder with a blue crystal on the end.
“So where’s Mitchell?”
“He ah..went to the infirmary, I think he got a little flu-ish. I think a bug’s going around. Any progress on the revamped phaser?”
“Not really, it just doesn’t seem to want to work.”

Teal’c found himself staring up at the two moons of Ancala, the new base for the Allied Jaffa against Baal and the Ori forces. Master Bra’tac was next to him, contemplating an old man’s thoughts.
“So then, my friend, you’re nearly as old as I now?”
“Yes, indeed I believe I’m now older than you.”
“Well, you look good for a man of your age.”
“Have the committee members agreed on the proposal yet?”
“Hashana has taken a great standing to lead our people against the Ori followers. No doubt she will make a good leader.”
“How many Jaffa have come to hear her? I’m curious as to if those who still follow Baal have indeed decided to stop their worship of him as a god.”
“We are not sure how many have come, though we do know that at least forty have entered and given up their positions to join our coalition. Many from high rank, presumably discontent with Baal’s altruistic motives.”
“Then we should take our leave, the plan is to take place with in the day.”
“Yes, of course, the carrier is waiting just north of our main encampment.”

Teal’c bowed, taking step towards the valley full of dimly lit tents and marquees.

Daniel looked on as Sam fiddled with the small artifact. Unfamiliar symbols with what looked to be incremental marks twisted about the bottom, and to the bewilderment of both she and Daniel, who couldn’t translate them at all, seemed to be the key to what it was.
“It seems that if you twist the dial it changes what it does.” Daniel pointed to the knob at the bottom. “But from what I can tell these symbols don’t match up to anything in our database, or my books.”

“Well, maybe it’s some kind of tool. This crystal here is designed to vibrate at different frequencies. From what I can tell when you extended it and press the button it lights up, whirs, and does nothing, or at least that’s what I thought. After scanning it with the Asgard computer’s sensors it puts out a high directed frequency, which can do many things. Though what I’m not sure. The dial was set to these two marks when you found it right?”

“Yeah, but once we removed it from the rock it was embedded in, it only seemed to produce the frequency when the side button was pushed.”

“Well the readings the Asgard sensors gave were odd, they said the tool was either eight hundred years old, or less than a minute old, at any given time. I think some kind of radiation it was emitting was messing with the computer’s sensors.”

“What’s it made out of?” Daniel looked at the computer screen.
“That’s the funny thing, the computer doesn’t know. It’s not any of the metals we have in the Asgard memory banks.” Sam pointed to the blank 3d HUD that popped out of one of the newly installed crystal control modules.
“It doesn’t seem to even be an element we know of, nor the Asgard, or Ancients.”
“What about the power source…”
“It’s a highly conductive material that seems to rely on the power of temporal influx. Not all that unlike the ZPMs.”

“Have you tried any of the other settings? Well of course you have…which ones?”
“Only a few off from the one it was set at. We don’t know what it can do, and I’m not sure I can use it to power Merlin’s device.”
“Well, what’s the harm in trying a completely obscure setting? I mean if the other settings you did didn’t do anything beyond send off high frequency sound, then the other settings must be the same way.” Daniel took the device and twisted the knob to the smallest increment.
“If all else fails start at number one.” Sam shrugged at a loss for words that could dismiss the simple logic and took the device from Daniel and pointed the device at the wall.
“All right testing setting one.” She pressed the button and the blue crystal lit up, a whir buzzed, and nothing happened.
“Ok, well lets try number two?” Daniel’s eyebrows were upraised in mock surprise.
“Setting two then…” A quick twist of the knob and a press of the button, yet another whir, a beep, but nothing happened.

“scrrrColonel Carter…”
Daniel hit the com button, “This is Carter…”
“Please come to the command deck, a ship…well I think it’s a ship, has appeared in front of us. Sensors are barely reading it.”
“On my way.” Sam gave Daniel the ugh look of a lifetime as she stepped out of the room followed by Daniel. A few minutes later the two stepped into the command deck, met by Mitchell and a delighted Vala.

“There it is Colonel.” Commander Achov from Russian Stargate Intelligence, and on duty officer was pointing to the view HUD.
“Can you clean it up a bit? It’s hardly visible.” Vala had taken to the task of ponder out loud as always.
“Try enhancing the spatial conversion resolution, there might be too much background radiation from Earth.”
As the screen unblurred a bit, the clear lines of a blue British police box could be made out. “So what is it?” Mitchell was still trying to grasp what a police call box would be doing in the middle of space, let alone where it came from. They’ve been out of use for years.
“It appears to be an old call box.”
“A what?” Vala remarked out loud.
“A police call box, they were used in case of an emergency, like a phone booth, in England. Some time in the late 1950s or so.” Daniel took heart in the explanation, “Though why one is out here I don’t know.”
“Colonel the call box is disappearing.”
“Track it!”
“It’s on board Colonel, in Cargo bay 1, the SGCM.”

“Well here we are.” The Doctor stopped a twirling flywheel on his console.
“And where exactly is that, Doctor?” Martha Jones had her arms crossed, and a smile beaming wide.
“I’m not sure really, could be anything, of course why the TARDIS chose to stop here, I don’t know. Let’s have a look shall we?” Martha nodded as the Doctor walked over to the door, pulled it open, and then closed it again.
“What is it?”
“Oo, um…men…with big guns.” The Doctor grabbed his sonic screwdriver, put it in his trench pocket, and pulled it on. “Best stay in here while I find out what’s going on.”
Opening the door again, a big smile wide with crooked teeth, the doctor stepped out into the SGCM.

Part Two: The Emergence…eee

“Hello, then, uh, where might I be?”

“Put your hands in the air!” A sergeant yelled at the Doctor, his MK-80 pointed straight at him.

“All right…” The Doctor rose his hands complacently “…so then what bit of equipment is this? A big Roundy thing and a crystal control module…not exactly human in origin…”

SG-1 entered the room mid sentence; Walter was seated gingerly behind the erected forcefield, “Incoming wormhole.”

Sam nodded and the lot moved back leaving the TARDIS and the Doctor.
“What’s going on then? Wormhole…wormhole..wormhole…OH A Wormhole… lovely lovely, where?”

The gate rocked for a moment as the wormhole connected and the horizon plume crashed out before falling back in to the gate, nearly hitting the TARDIS. “Ah…so that’s what the Big Roundy thing does. Interesting, well, old, but interesting. So then where are we?”

Sam was the one to answer, firing her own question, “Who are you and how did you get on our ship?”

“A ship, well that’s progress. Human made…smells like naquadah. Oh right, yes, I’m the Doctor. And you are?”

“We’re in the position to ask questions. Take him to the brig.” Mitchell ordered.
“I’ll take him…” Daniel followed suit, being the hospitable one, followed by Vala who was just as interested in finding out who the Doctor was.

“All right then, but don’t go messing about the Tardis.”

The Doctor was now strapped down in a seat, sitting across from a rather large device giving off an all too familiar frequency.

“Ok, then…” Daniel was fidgeting a bit, “Who are you?”

“I’m the Doctor.”

“Doctor who?”

“Just the Doctor.”

“Well you don’t look like a prior. How did you get on the Odyssey?”

“Oh is that the name of the ship, brilliant. You humans always have such strong names, next you’ll tell me you have a ship named after Icarus or Daedalus. Not that he was much of a genius. The twit actually had the gall to use wax of all things, jumped out of the tower, and fell like a stone.”

“Wait…you knew Daedalus? The mythical father of Icarus, creator of the labyrinth?”

“Well, knew, no, more like witnessed really.”

“You still haven’t answered the question as to how you got on to our ship.” Daniel was interrupted by Vala who was leaning against the door.

“Ah…yes, well the Tardis can go anywhere at anytime.”

“And what exactly is the Tardis?” Daniel quipped back in, sending Vala back to her spot.

“It’s a Time and Relative Dimension in Space machine, or if you will a T.A.R.D.I.S. Tardis.”

“And why did you come here?”

“The heart of the questions, beating away…I think the more appropriate question is why did you signal me to come?”

“We didn’t signal you…”

“Of course you did, setting number two on any sonic screwdriver is the homing signal for my Tardis.”

“…Sonic screwdriver? And what would one of these screwdrivers look like?”

“Long, hand sized I suppose, has a knob at one end, and a blue crystal at the top. Couple of buttons…extending model no doubt.”

Daniel turned to a console and hit a button, and the scratch of an intercom came on. “Sam would you bring that artifact down here…I take it you’ve been listening.”

“Yeah, be right there.”

Mitchell and Sam entered five minutes later, the sonic screwdriver in hand.

“Ah, so it was you who signaled me. Cheers then love, where’d’ya get it?”

“On a planet we call P5X337. But how did you get it there? We have texts thousands of years old that talk about this screwdriver.”

“Well let me out of here and I’ll show you.”

Vala waved them over, obviously not content in her silent position. “Look, he’s apparently not one of the Ori, and if he did in fact place that, what ever it is, with the frequency to stop the Ori priors then can’t we assume he’s on our side?”

“She has a point.” Mitchell looked at Sam for a moment, who was more confounded by the screwdriver and Daniel was more or less ready to give in and let him off the chair.

“All right…” Mitchell turned to the Doctor, “ us.”

A few minutes later the Doctor was in the a separate cargo hold, apart from the SGCM, looking at his TARDIS.

“How did you move it?”

“We used Asgard transport technology.”

“Ah…the Asgard…poor people. Mass suicide, did you hear? Not one of them left.” A weary moment cast over the Doctor before he proceeded. “All right well I’ve seen your ship, so its time for you to see mine.”

The Doctor opened the door to the TARDIS and stepped in, followed by Sam and the rest of SG-1.

“This is the Tardis. Martha…” The Doctor yelled, “Martha Jones!…”

“I’m here Doctor…” Martha walked up a flight of steps leading to the level below, wearing a combination 17th century bodice on top of a yellow mid nineties miniskirt. “What do you think, a new fashion perhaps. A Martha Jones special?”

“Uh we are in side a police call box right?” Mitchell was wide mouthed, while Sam, Daniel, and not surprisingly Vala were more gazing and silent.

“The inside is bigger than the outside. We could store oodles of…” A horrible look crossed Daniel’s face as he looked at Vala, “…well never mind then.”

“I see, so you use a Dimensional field to utilize subspace…or maybe hyperspace, to make the inside larger than the outside…”

“Something like that, Martha I’d like you to meet SG-1. What does that stand for anyways? SG-1…SG-1…”

“Stargate team one.” Mitchell answered that, finally able to apply something of his knowledge. “I’m Colonel Cameron Mitchell, that’s Colonel Samantha Carter, Doctor Daniel Jackson, and this, well this is Vala Mal Doran.”

Vala stepped forward, “How do you do…”

“So what are you, like, Space Marines or something? You’re not British are you?” Martha looked to the Doctor and then to Mitchell.

“No, uh, we’re from the US. Stargate Program.” Mitchell replied.

“And that big roundy thing, that was the Stargate…hmm. Sounds so familiar…Anyways you have something that belongs to me.” The Doctor looked straight at Sam.

“Uh yes…” pulling from her right pocket, she handed the sonic screwdriver over to the Doctor.

“Ah, yes I remember now, the thing’s power source is almost depleted too. Some odd, white faced, a shady character if you will, was bothering a not so advanced race that Martha and I just got back from visiting. You remember, Martha?”

“Yeah, weird designs on his face almost looked zombie like. Had interesting powers too, Nothing the Doctor couldn’t handle though.”

“Well you see, I couldn’t let those poor people be subjected to an “all powerful” being, no of course not. So I did a few scans of his DNA after a minor skirmish to find he’s some highly evolved, though forcibly so, human. Brain chemistry is a bit funky too. Really, really interesting stuff if you ask me. So I used this stone that was sitting there, almost perfectly read for us and resonated a variable frequency that disrupted his psychic powers. Of course then again that was, what, seven hundred years ago…”

“Wait seven hundred? You’ve got to be joking me…” Mitchell looked at the Doctor, then to Sam and Daniel.

“Well if you ask me…”
“No one’s asking you, Vala..”

“So what you’re telling us, is that you were just at P5X337 a few days ago, placed this sonic screwdriver in the rock we just found it in a few days ago, to drive away a Prior.”
Sam held her tongue as Daniel tried to make sense of this.

“Well it’s possible, if he does have the ability to time travel. I mean look at what we’ve done using the Time Jumper. Doctor so how does the sonic screwdriver work?” Sam now fell back to her curiosity.

“Hmm, well let’s see, the emitter at this end here, puts out a sound and light wave. The wave can be tuned to do many things, like unlocking doors, to the most mundane screwing in a screw. Very handy when you need a quick fix or a fast repair, or a way out of an unfamiliar system.”

“I see, can you show me how it works with computers?”

“I don’t know why not, so long as I can have a proper tour of this ship of yours. It is 2007 right?”

“Doctor, of course it is.” Martha looked appalled to think he didn’t know what year it was.

Part 3: Not What It Thinks.

The Doctor was seated comfortably across from Carter, looking at the modified device.
“It seems that the temporal conversion pathway is damaged.” As he prodded away, he changed the setting on his sonic screwdriver and pointed it at different areas.

“We tried to replicate as many of the parts as we could from the original device. Unfortunately some of the technology is beyond us.” Sam fiddled with the sonic screwdriver Daniel had gone after.

“It says that this is the time for change in the universe. You humans take a huge leap forward technologically speaking. And I’m guessing that it has something to do with this ship and the technology you’ve procured. Who did you say you got those lovely crystal hollow systems from? Asbard or something?”

“The Asgard, they just recently committed mass suicide. I certainly am going to miss Thor.”

“Thor…thor….THOR, oh, the Asgard…suicide…oh Bloody…I should have recognized the technology. They gave this to you?”

“They decided to after their more recent genetic alteration, that was supposed to help prevent their degeneration, backfired and created a disease. They destroyed their planet and left us with their legacy.”

“Ah…hmmm, I told them not to mess around with that… ah Ha! That’s it, right there, there’s your problem.” The Doctor pulled away from the machine, “It’s the power conduit it’s self. It needs to be connected here.” He pointed to a small secondary juncture, “It’s currently connected there.”

“Hmm, but the original machine was exactly like this configuration.” Sam pulled the original machine from the storage locker behind her. Setting it down, she opened a side panel and pushed the small pop out crystal control box open.
“These are the lines we used to connect our Naquadah generators to. Exactly the same configuration.”

“Ok let’s have a look.” Setting his sonic screwdriver to setting forty-eight, he poked again at the machine.
“There’s a fundamental difference, this machine is made from naqualite, while yours is out of what you call titanium.”


“An extremely refined form of Naquadrium. It acts as an ultra conductor connecting several of these key components, when the system is charged. Your electrometer no doubt is not sensitive enough to detect these connections.”

Taking from a small coil of Naquadrium line, which Sam had been using to make connections, the Doctor pointed his screwdriver, and attached one end to the component.
“Now, for the second connection…” running the screwdriver over the edge of the machine, he stopped over a small panel which popped open, “…Ok you take that screwdriver you’ve got there and this end of the wire and use setting seventy-eight to thread it to this opening.”

“Ok…” Sam pushed a button on the side and a small sequence number began to roll by, in a second it was on 78. With an almost pushing motion Sam guided the wire through the machine and over to the Doctor’s end.

“Good, I think you’re a natural at this. Ok then, there that should do it, give ‘er a whirl.”

“Right, here connect this line from the naquadah generator to the line in plug, there.” Sam pointed to the socket that was on the machine.

“It’s in…”

“Starting test phase.”

Teal’c’s hands flew over the console as Bra’tac worked to fix the ring’s controls.
“Is it ready?”


“Hurry!” The ship hiccupped violently throwing Bra’tac from the control panel and Teal’c from his chair.


“I’m alright worry about keeping them off our backsides.”

Teal’c straightened the cargo ship as Bra’tac replaced yet another crystal.
“We’re almost there.”

“One more crystal!”

Baal’s mother ship lay dead in their sights, the naquadah warhead they now carried in the hall of the ship ready to blow.


“Now!” Teal’c yelled as he passed in a roll over underneath the mother ship. Bra’tac hit the sequence and the rings came up, encased the warhead, and drew back down into the ship.

They passed out from under the ship followed by three gliders, which in their passing were destroyed as the naquadah bomb exploded ripping a third of the ship from the whole in a massive plasma ball.


“Sam. What happened!” Mitchell was now yelling over the intercom from the SGCM.

“We’ve activated the PDE, it should be covering all of the ship.” Sam spoke over the intercom.

“Next time tell us…Shit…In coming wormhole…”

“We need to unphase the ship, we don’t know what will happen if a wormhole connects to the gate if it’s phased.” Sam typed rapidly across the keyboard of the computer running the program, but everything she did lead to a dead end.

“When in doubt, yank the plug…well that’s what Edison said…” The Doctor pulled the socket and the machine whirred, blinked, and then shut down.

“Hey, a, guys, Teal’c’s back…”

“What’s a Teal’c?”
Vala was seated well on her king sized bed, Martha Jones, was pacing, thinking about how she was stuck there in Vala’s room.

“You know, here we are, just two girls, waiting about on a big ship like this, not a thing to do.”

“And what is it that you propose we do then?”

“I was thinking I could give you a tour.”

“That sounds lovely.”

“So this is an Earth vessel?” Martha looked to Vala for a confirmation. “Not a time travel something or the other that’s come back to this time?”

“Afraid not, the US has had the Stargate for sometime and has procured the technology to make this along with several other ships. How about a trip to the mess hall, they have this wonderful food called Jell-O.”

“Jell-O…don’t get around much do you?”

“Hey hey hey…Jell-O is awesome, there is nothing like it on any of the planets I…a…worked on.”

“Lets go then, I think I can go for some Jell-O.”

“Right this way then…” Vala opened the door allowing Martha to walk through.

“Colonel SCRRH…We have something on sensors that you might want to see.”

Carter went over to the com and pressed the button, “We’ll be right there.”

“Exciting isn’t it…you humans, well, always exploring…”

“Let’s go see what they’ve found.”

The short jaunt from the lab to the bridge was enough for Sam to discover yet another use for the sonic screwdriver, or rather for it to fall and turn on just in time to unscrew a panel and blow it out of it’s socket, hitting a lieutenant commander in the head. A laugh, setting of screws, and elevator ride later they were up at the bridge and looking at a large HUD screen.

“It appears to be a phased planet twenty light minutes from here.”

“A phased planet, here…huh! Who would have thunk it…” Mitchell looked at a read out on a screen next to his seat. “Sam, should we go look?”

“I see no reason why not.”

“Just like I said, always exploring.”

Episode 2) The New Council of Scara, the Fledglings of the Ori.

“Impossible….” The solenoid voice of the lead Dalek wheezed, “… he is alive.”
“He is the Doctor…we cannot defeat him…”

“We have uncovered something….”

“What is it?” Acalo, the new lord creator of the Daleks croaked.

“An old technology, as old as the time lords.”


“Confirmed…ALERT….ALERT…” The speaking Dalek turned to a computer panel on the hybridized system. “The object has begun to rotate…opening video link.” The suction cup end of its long right arm pushed against the panel and a view screen fluttered to life.
The small screen displayed an open space where a Stargate was half erected, the locked symbols glowing. In on last lock the final symbol was realized and the event horizon burst out in a blurred second and then shot back into the ring, leaving a shimmer of silver light that rippled occasionally. In the brief moment of calm that came after the gate’s activation two Ori Priors fell from its ledge, landing with grace unnaturally bestowed to them.

“What are theeeeey?” Acalo screeched in his monotone voice. “Intruders…INTRUDERS! EXTERMINATE…EXTERMINATE…!”

A swarm of Daleks hovered and rolled into an attack formation, demolecularizors primed and aimed at the two Priors.

“Hallowed are the Ori, you are the inhabitants of this world?” The first Prior raised his hand, holding the book of Origin up high, as the second held his staff in front of him.

“We wish to bring you piece, and the truth of the worlds. We wish you to read origin and to embrace the truth that is the Ori.”

“Ori…Ori…what is Ori?” One Dalek came forward

“It does not surprise us that you have not heard of the Ori, you have lived in a realm of darkness. The Ori shall lighten your world, your hearts, and your minds. Let us bring spiritual guidance to you through the Ori.”

“EXTERMINATE!” Acalo ordered “There is no Ori…we are supreme, we are Daleks. EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!”

“Baathaaathaa” the Dalek’s weapons discharged and in the whoosh of light so common to the Priors was the sound of their personal shields erecting, and knocking the beams meant to kill them off into odd directions.

“You reject the truth of Ori, without even hearing their promise.” The first Prior spoke softly, the second simpered for a moment, “Let us show you the power of the Ori…” A blinding light emanated from the second Prior’s staff and in a great effort, the Dalekanium melted away from the creatures with in, exposing their forms. And in the second after the Daleks grew and formed quad-pedal forms.

“Look, for the truth is in front of you, the Ori are true gods, able to save you from your metallic forms. Able to bring forth your true form, to evolve the sorry state that you are in.”


None of the Daleks moved, mesmerized by the Prior’s actions. Those transformed stepped forward. “We wish to learn…teach us, hallowed are the Ori…Hallowed are the Ori.”

“Retreat…retreat…illogical…illogical. The Daleks are betrayed. Retreat…” Acalo and his fellow council fled from control center in a flurry only befitting of a tin can such as the Dalek god.

Part 2:
Jack Harkness came stumbling out of the Tardis, shirt untucked, face a bit smeared with drool, and his hair stocky and frizzled, not his normal attire or look by far. “YHEAAHHH UH UH…Bathroom…why the TARDIS doesn’t have a bathroom….uh…Hello?” His eyes narrowed as it dawned on his tired mind that he wasn’t where he was supposed to be. “What…the…hell? Martha? Doc YAHaah…” The door to the cargo bay opened and a guard stood looking oddly at Jack, his P-90 aimed midway up Jack’s legs. “Uh Colonel…we have another visitor?”

Sam looked at the Doctor then hit the com button, “Who is it?”

“Who are you?” The guard asked, holding tightly on to his rifle.

“Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood Division. I’m a friend of the Doctor…”

“Did you get that Colonel?”

“Yes Corporal, escort him to the bridge, we’re about to engage in the exploration of a phased planet.”

“Yes ma’am.” The guard lowered his gun and motioned for the slightly underdressed Jack to follow him.

The two arrived as the Odyssey closed in on the phased planet, shields raised, and the ship in standby for battle.

“The surface seems almost Earth like.” Sam looked astonished, “I’ve never heard of a phased planet, never, I mean I suppose its possible. But one being right next to Earth, parallel, it’s astronomical. This is amazing.”

As they closed in the Doctor noticed a small warning blip on the HUD, which suddenly became predominant on the screen. “In coming ship, Ha’tac class…” Carter looked again at the HUD, “But that’s impossible….the read out says the ship is over seven hundred thousand years old.”

Daniel’s face clearly showed his impression as his mouth dropped slightly, Mitchell on the other hand, “Huh, that old. Can’t be that dangerous…are you sure the sensors are calibrated right?”

“Oh yes, they are.” The Doctor had scanned in the short time of Mitchell’s question the console in question and had confirmed the age of the ship. “The Naqualite isotope is reading nearly a million years. This is a very old ship.”

“We’re being hailed.” Carter took the seat at the console relieving the ensign. “Putting it on screen.”

The skin of the human on screen drooped with yellow ooze sliding from several pores. It’s voice was cold and calculated, “You have entered the realm of Anansi, you are trespassing. If you proceed we shall destroy you.”

The com went down and the ship’s weapons powered up.

“Arm the weapons, shields at max. Get the com signal back up.” Sam yelled as Mitchell took the helm.

“To the ship, we are not your enemy, we’re here exploring, and we did not know it was your space.” Daniel sent out he message which was answered by a volley of fire.

The ensign watching shields and weapons flew back as the ship rocked backwards from the blasts.

“Shields are down eighty percent.” Carter called out. Another volley hit knocking secondary systems offline and breaching the shields all together.

“Shields are down, one more hit and we’ll be dead.”

The Doctor ran for the entrance running into Martha and Vala. “We need to get to the TARDIS, the attacker is using temporally shifted weapons. Something this ship can’t withstand.”

“But what about the Odyssey?” Mitchell yelled back to the Doctor, as he piloted the ship out of a third volley.

“We’ll put it in the TARDIS…now move.”

“Wait…we can just dephase.” Sam ran up the two steps and past the Doctor and the others. Jack ran after her while Mitchell kept to piloting. “Great leave me to this…”

A minute later Sam was heading along the same corridor as the Doctor, “Doctor..Doc…We can Dephase…”

“No good, those are temporally phased weapons, even if you dephase the damage can still be caused.” The Doctor pounded the wall hitting the button to open the bay door, his Tardis was standing just where they had left it. “What are you going to do?” Sam called after him as he put his key in the door and opened it.

“We’re putting the Odyssey into the Tardis. Cargo bay forty seven should be large enough.”

“In the Tardis? How?” Sam followed him in as Jack and Martha arrived after them. Another shock slipped through the ship knocking the inertial stabilizers offline.

“Observe, a tweak of the temporal flow, a kink in the phasing field…” The Doctor pressed a few buttons, pulled a lever and twirled a whirl-a-majig and, “What’s that sound…its like popcorn popping.” Martha exclaimed as the sound increased. For an instant it was deafening and then as suddenly as the last kernel popping in the microwave, the sound ended and a beeping sound echoed. “Done…”

“Done?…” Sam gawked for a moment, “…done? Are you serious…where is it?”

“Down the stairs, or the pole…the poles faster…” The Doctor ran to a pole in the corner and rapped a leg around it. “Going down…”

In a farce of a few moments Sam, Jack, Martha, Daniel, Vala, had followed the Doctor down some forty floors. Two large doors slid open to reveal the full Odyssey docked. Several pieces of haul had fallen to the bay floor, shimmering sprites and sparks showered down from the secondary engine manifold.

Vala yawed for a moment, speechless, her voice came back to her in spurts as she pointed, turned back to the door, pointed again and stared. “Weren’t…wasn’t…I…how the…That’s a neat trick. Wasn’t the Tard thingy, weren’t we just in there?”

“Yep…” Jack smirked at her as Martha looked at the five story tall, football field and a half long ship. “Doctor…how did it fit in here?” Martha’s words echoed at bit as they moved towards the right side of the ship. A hatch had opened and a ladder extended to the floor. Sam was also speechless, though not gawking, but with the expression of a little kid trying to discover that one plus one was equal to two. The Doctor saw her confusion and in a manner of “matter of fact” airiness he answered her steaming question. “It was a hyperdimensional shift. We just inverted the space around the Odyssey and placed it in here. The TARDIS has temporal phased shielding. Their weapons won’t even scratch’er.” “But how… It’s impossible.”

“Well, impossible is one way to put it, but I thought that it was evident it was possible.” The Doctor smiled broadly showing his crooked teeth.

Mitchell was the sixth person out of the Odyssey, preceded only by several injured personnel. “That was interesting.” Mitchell kind of stammered as if in disbelief of what had happened.

“The injured can be taken to the Tardis’ infirmary; though there is no one there that knows how to use the tools…”

“No it’s all right we have our own medical supplies. Sam we need you in the engine room. We took several hits and lost engine power.”

“Great, anything else?”

“We couldn’t contact Landry before what ever happened, happened.”

The Doctor came back from leading the group of injured people to the Tardis’ infirmary, a bowl of popcorn in hand. “You know I have to say, popcorn is the most fun of snacks. Well, not completely, Argle Snaps from Delithia were certainly interesting…that is if they didn’t eat your fingers off first.”

“Nice, popcorn…” Martha grabbed a handful and popped a few kernels in her mouth.

Sam, Mitchell, and Daniel stared at him in disbelief, for what seemed to be the hundredth time that day. Jack cut the silence as Vala took a handful of popcorn herself.

“Right well…I’m Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood, Hertfordshire and London Division, British Liaison to the Stargate Program. Though I wasn’t exactly expecting to see your ship, I thought you were in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex.”

“Your information is a bit out of date, the original SGC blew up, sort of.” Mitchell had extended his hand as he spoke, “Colonel Cameron Mitchell. We’re surprised to see you with, um, him.” His other hand thumbed at the Doctor who was speaking to Vala and Martha. Daniel came back to them, followed by a disgruntled looking Teal’c.

“Right well, you Samantha Carter, should probably get to those engines. And I’d try dephasing. Use setting fourteen with the screwdriver to turn the machine off.” The Doctor called after the fleeting backside of Sam, who was already climbing the latter back up into the ship.

Part 2

“My lord, the ship just vanished…one moment it was there, the second it was gone. I-I…all that was left was a b-b-blue box.”

“SHssUH A Blue Box!? Heeehhhshhh…A BLUE BOX!?” Red tendrils stretched across the floor from a darkly veiled thrown. Two more, more horribly disfigured, human guards stood on either side, their staff weapons poised for battle. The vine like tendrils squirmed past their feet and crept up their legs, entering into two small holes just below their ribs.

“And where…hesshhhhhh…did this ‘blue box’ go?” The two guards jerked to life, terrified eyes wobbled for a moment before narrowing and becoming blank again. Their hands pulled their staff weapons into place and aiming at the pilot of the Ha’tac vessel.

“It…it…its still there my lord. Out there.” The pilot cowered on the floor as yet another set of tendrils crept forward, crimson slimed from their endless porous length, mixed with a yellow substance that wasn’t at all pleasant looking.

The chill of the creature’s voice screeched in the air of the room, “EHehssshh, Let us see this ‘Blue Box’!” The two tendrils shot forward catching the pilot under the ribs and in the neck, lifting him from the floor. His eyes, though one barely visible beneath it’s drooping flaps of loose skin, glazed over a stanched look of fear form what would be his last emotional expression. The tendrils with drew a moment later letting the body drop. A thick crack echoed in the cavernous room as a hundred pieces scattered across the floor and as dust billowed into the air.

“It is the Doctor…And that ship…not of Timelord origins. Heehsssh…” Its remaining tendrils retracted from the guards, which dropped to the floor. “Hesshh how unfortunate…you, on the floor…heehhshhh.” The creature’s voice beckoned and the guard stood again, his eyes white and blank. “…you will go, attack the…Heeeehhsshhhh…Doctor. Bring him to me….”


The fifth bowl of popcorn was empty, the Odyssey in better condition than it had been, the engines fixed and for the most part, most of the crew members were healed or healing with the help of the Doctor’s medical nannites.

“Doctor,” Martha’s voice echoed on the third floor, which was more or less the Doctor’s walk in closest. Or, as Martha said the first time she saw it “It’s a shopping mall for the decades.”
“Yea’..” The Doctor’s head poked out from behind a rack of clothes lined with fur coats.

“What are you doing? Colonel Carter is asking for your help.”

“I…hang on, just one more…” He yanked and the lights flickered. “There we go. Now we have full temporal shielding.”

“Right well we better get down there, she needs your help with their temporal thingy.”

“Did she say what kind of Temporal thingy it was?”

“She said it allows them to travel in time and even freeze time. She said it was like a Temporal Drive but much more.”

“Hmm, up we get then.” The Doctor pushed aside several coats and stepped from behind the rack.

“Up? Don’t you mean down doctor?”

“Well I need to check on our friends before we go back to the Odyssey.”

“I’ll go tell her…”

“Nah-nah, come up with me.” The Doctor turned up the aisle and walked to the stairs followed by Martha. In a short five minutes they were in the main room. Monitors were flickering, a slight rumbling. One screen showed the inside of the Odyssey, the other a distorted image of space. Several ships were closing on their location.

“Doctor, why is the image so fuzzy?”

“Oh that, well we’re still technically in the Odyssey. So we’re getting a phased squirmy picture.”

“But, we’re, how is it in the Tardis and the Tardis in the Odyssey?”

“It’s complicated, well we need to do something about that fleet out there. Let’s go to the Odyssey and see if we can help Sam out.”

Martha started for the stairs but the Doctor went right for the main door which he opened to the Odyssey Cargo Bay. “This way Martha….” With that, he stepped out of the door and into the Odyssey. Martha, who had been on the third stair, stopped, looked out and saw the cargo bay. “Jeez he wasn’t kidding.”

Martha stumbled out the entry way and into the cargo bay, following after the Doctor. She stepped from the door and turned left just to see the tail of his leather coat disappear down the next corridor. Catapulting past two guards Martha turned down the corridor and caught the Doctor engrossed deeply into the schematics on a wall panel. Samantha was on screen as well she was looking frantic then a small explosion and nothing.

“Watch’ya got there?”

“It looks like the Colonel turned off the phasing machine, but something happened and the machine exploded. The crew is already cleaning the lab up. But our more problematic issue is this.” The Doctor touched the screen and an image of the engine core came up, the words T.T.T.M. was splayed across the screen.

“What’s a TTTM Doctor?”

“Samantha was trying to fix it, the dephasing of the ship, and evidently the Tardis, and the damage to the ship it’s self, destabilized the core. It’s their Temporary Temporal Tactile Machine. It apparently uses a similar technology that the Tardis uses for time travel. But it isn’t powered by a Tardis core.”

“What about Colonel Carter?” Martha touched the screen accidentally making it go blank.

“She can look after her self. She was transported, though I’m not sure how. But the Arachnos, much like the Goa’uld steal their technology. And they wouldn’t know this phasing technology.”

“But I thought you said…”

“I can’t be sure. This goddess of theirs can’t be an Arachnos, they’re gone. But Anansi…I need to stabilize their TTTM, you find Jack and tell him we need to set up a surprise ejection. He’ll understand.”

“Right…” Martha took off down the corridor while the Doctor sped the other way.

“Uhhnn…” Samantha Carter rocked slightly as she opened her eyes. The hard stone was cold in spots, hot in others. A dim grey light shimmered on the marble walls and the familiar Goa’uld markings and Ancient scroll were barely visible near the room’s door.

Elbowing her way up, Sam finally gained a sitting position. Her legs seemed to wobble each time she moved them and the engorged throbbing of a concussion rattled in her head.

“Aow…” She grabbed at the back of her head, the feel of slimy blood, part way coagulated, met her fingers. “It must be one of the ships…” She pushed her self up the wall, steadying herself to stand. As her feet fell flat and her balance was gained, the door opened and bright light spilled into the dim room. The disfigured faces, of her captors, drew blank by the shadows that their cowls cast.

“An shama hacala nock!”
“What? I don’t understand you…” Sam struggled for a moment, the thought of running not swaying her feet.

The third of the group twisted his arm and folded a small ring on his arm, and a small voice echoed in hollows of the room, “Language Acquired.”

“You will come now.” Came the first’s voice, as two of the others came in and grabbed Carter by the elbows.

“Soon you shall meet our master. Join us and you shall live.”

“Who are you?”

“The last of many races, as you will be soon.”


“Whirrurhirrurhirrur” Sonic-screwdriver hummed as the Doctor pointed and prodded at the crystalline structures that made up the TTTM core. Daniel and Teal’c were working just behind him trying to get the “Thor Interface” to work.

“Any luck?” The Doctor called to them while prodding yet another junction.

“Uh…well it looks like the interface has been damaged.” Daniel pointed to a panel.

Teal’c raised an eyebrow and returned to changing out burnt crystals.

“Right, well I need a…hold on.” Changing the setting on the screwdriver he prodded and a panel of LEDs blinked on. Moments later a voice came over the intercom system. “Checking Systems….Automated repair, back up systems enabled, time until total regeneration, thirteen hours twenty two minutes and fourteen seconds.”

“Is that not the voice of Thor, Daniel Jackson?” Teal’c looked at Jackson and then at the Doctor.

“Yes, Teal’c try activating the interface.” Jackson pressed a few buttons on one panel, and moved a control crystal node to a different hollow. Teal’c replaced the last crystal and in doing so the holographic image of Thor appeared.

“Back up Emergency Interface activated. Restoring Primary System Interface…error junction zero beta six nine six eight b corrupted. Rerouting to Tertiary system.”

“Tertiary system? Sam didn’t tell us about that.” Daniel was now looking at the facsimile Thor.
“The Asgard must have added more systems than we are aware.” Teal’c spoke again turning his attention also to the holographic Thor.
Vala, Martha, and Jack were now looking over several computer terminals in the Tardis.
Jack was looking over the same juncture that the Doctor had been looking at earlier. Vala, as always, was pecking about the various racks of clothes, especially the furs which took up two full lengths of hanging rods.

“And what’s that that you’re working on then?” Martha was looking over Jack’s shoulder.

“I’m trying to set up the connections needed to revert the Kline Bottle that the Doctor created with the Tardis.”

“Kline Bottle?”

“Yes, you’ve heard of a Möbius strip?”

“Sure, it’s that ring that has only one side.”

“Well a Kline Bottle is a three dimensional, or in this case four dimensional, version of that. The inside is the outside.”

“But why didn’t he just revert it the way he did it in the first place?”

“Well he wants a quick reversion. Making a Kline Bottle is much easier than unmaking one.”


Sam’s hands hit the floor before she had the chance to steady herself. Her captors’ hands trembled as they backed their way into the shadows. As she rose her eyes fell upon the long red and green milk lace shade that covered what looked to be a throne. Two guards, blank in face, stood to either side of the throne. The ancient writing circled over head in a great mural and what was evident was the detritus age of the systems around her.

“Heeehhsssh…You are Human?” The cold voice that came from the hidden throne cut the air. Sam’s hand clutched the only tool she had with her, the sonic screwdriver.

“Yes, I’m human. And what are you?” Sam’s voice carried just as much, the hooded figures in the shadows shuddered even more.

“Heeehhsssh How DARE you speak to a god heeehssh in that manner.”

“A god, I’ve met many gods. My people have killed many gods. All of them false, Goa’ulds are all alike, fascist power hungry monsters.”

“Goa’ulds Hehsss are insects. And your Heehsssssh planet belongs to me.”
Sam smiled for a moment, “You still haven’t answered my question. What are you?”

“Heh heh eh…Anansi I am, the highest god, heeeehsssh, and you will be the one to host me next.”
Three long tendrils extended out from under the veil that covered the throne, a fourth pulling the veil back. Four eyes glowed white as the mixed face of a Goa’uld symbiont and what looked to be an Octopus.

“Heeehssssh…Take it to the laboratory.”


“Recompilation complete, initiating….” Thor’s hologram distorted for a moment, then the look of both odd elation and surprise, or what one could assume to be these emotions for an Asgard, came over the image’s face. “Doctor Jackson, Teal’c…”

“You recognize us?” Daniel now bent over a little to look into the hologram’s face.

“Yes, where is O’Neil?”

“He’s at Atlantis, how did you get on the ship? We thought that all the Asgard were gone?”

“Yes, accessing memory banks, one moment…The Asgard committed mass suicide because of a negative genetic defect that was created to fix earlier errors. Accessing…accessing…”

“You’re Thor then?” The Doctor looked at the short grey form that was now speaking.

“Correct,” Thor turned to the Doctor, eyes narrowing. “The Doctor…”

“You remember, and how are my grey little friends; well I suppose that’s a bit of an idiotic question. I did tell you not to go messing around with your genome. Oh but NO, you’re the great Asgard race, you can handle forced Evolution. HA!”

“Was it not your intervention that set us on the idea, Doctor, or have you forgotten that pertinent fact?”

“We don’t have time for this. Thor the temporal drive on the ship has destabilized. We need to reestablish it.”

“One moment, accessing.”

The Doctor frowned slightly, “I don’t remember setting them on any wild goose chase, and I’m the one who told them that they shouldn’t be messing with it.”

“Primary and Secondary Temporal systems are damaged beyond repair. Temporal integration drive will go critical in four hours. I think it would be prudent for you to eject the temporal drive systems.”

“What no tertiary systems for the temporal drive?” Mitchell came in looking annoyed.

“No, only primary systems have tertiary and quaternary systems. Ejection sequence is now active.”

“Thor, how is it that you’re still on the ship though?”

“The Odyssey was outfitted with technology from my ship. I, in my haste to preserve the knowledge needed to run the ship, placed my consciousness in a compressed form into the back up systems and storage of the ship.”

“I see, so that’s why you came up.”

“Wait, wait, wait, hold on, you can’t be ejecting it in here, not in the Tardis. You’ll blow us all up. We need to revert the Inversion.” The Doctor ran out of the control room and towards the Cargo bay.

Episode Three: Inversion Reversion, the Sister and Brother Gods.

“Yes…Yes…YES! RIGHT! Go for it!” The Doctor screamed up the stairs as he pointed the sonic screwdriver at a junction. Jack flipped several switches, twirled a doily on the control panel and typed in on a number pad several codes.

“Doctor ejection in progress…”

“All right Mitchell, reversion in three…two…”

A strange sucking sound occurred, the Doctor’s face along with everyone else’s seemed to stretch and for a moment it seemed that everything was going to turn to taffy when the Odyssey squeezed into open space and the outer side of the Tardis squeezed back into the cargo bay.

“Temporal Drive has been ejected, please stand by…”

“Mitchell, set up temporal shei…”

An explosion ripped through space sending a temporal inversion field at the Odyssey and the Tardis, the phased planet, and Earth.


Sam hit the sonic screwdriver, not knowing what setting it was on, pulling it from her pocket and pointing it at Anansi. At this exact same time a thunderous shaking hit the planet and all of the guards and captors disappeared, leaving Anansi and Sam alone in the room.

“Heeehhsshhh….What have you done?” The curtains that covered Anansi ripped from their hangings as the octopi like creature squirmed and flailed in anger.

“Nothing, I have done nothing, and with out your servants, I think I’ll be taking my leave.” Sam smirked and ran out of the room and down the hall.

“GrrrrRRAAAHH! COME BACK WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY SLAVES.” Anansi slimed after Sam barely getting through the human sized entry way. Sam evade the god by ducking into what looked to be a computer control center that was just out of sight of the main hall. To her surprise it wasn’t a computer center, but a fighter bay. Several ships were in disrepair, others phased. Running along the different lines of ships she came across the same Ha’tac that had originally attack the Odyssey.


The Odyssey stabilized as the energy wave passed, gaining an orbit around the Earth.

“Sir, we have a problem.” The ensign spoke to Mitchell who was fighting the Odyssey’s controls.

“What is it?”

“We’re receiving no radio telemetry from Earth. There are no radio signals at all.”

“That can’t be right.”

“Mitchell,” The intercom echoed slightly, “Thor has detected that we have experienced a temporal shift. The temporal drive has caused us to travel backwards in time.”

“Is there any sign of the planet?”

“No sir.” The radio crackled again.

“Do a complete sensor sweep of the planet, try to determine how far back in time we went.”

“Yes sir.”


“HANG ON!” The Doctor yelled to Martha and Jack. The Tardis whirred as the temporal energy flowed into its core.

“WHAT’S HAPPENING?” Jack yelled back.

“THE TARDIS HAS FULLY RECHARGED…” The Doctor yelled again, as the whirring became ear splittingly loud.

Moments later the blue box whirred onto the middle of a cobbled street.

“Well then, I think we should go have a look, see where we are.”

“What about the Odyssey?” Jack peered over the pilot’s chair as he got off the floor.

“We’ll get back to them; after all I do have a time machine. No harm in exploring.”

“No harm…he says no harm.” Martha smiled as she opened the door to the Tardis and stepped out and on to the street.

“Where are we then, come on.”

“I don’t know actually.” The Doctor looked around “It looks like a small burrow…er…”

“It’s Chicago.” Jack pointed to a poster on a brick wall of a tavern.

“Chicago. Oh yes…right. Chicago?” The Doctor crimpled into a slight frown as he came up to the poster, followed by Martha.

“Come One Come All to Midway Plaisance and See the Wonders of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition “ The Doctor read the poster out loud,”…and look, Harry Houdini’s performing”

“Harry Houdini? Like the escape artist?” Martha peered at the poster. The title in stylized fonts captioned “Houdini the Man of Mystery. Watch as he escapes from a straight jacket at death defying heights.”

“The one and the same. I always wanted to meet him…”

“I’m stunned,” Jack prodded at the Doctor, “I would have thought you had met him already.”

“Oh come off it…I can’t go everywhere.”


“It would seem we’re somewhere around the fifth century.” Teal’c had taken the controls of the Odyssey as several crewmembers fell ill with temporal sickness. Mitchell and Daniel were already trying to find a place to hide.
“Well the problem is, is that by staying here we might just change time.”

“But didn’t you guys already do that, with the traveling back in time to the sixties?”

“Yes but that was an accident.”

“Well isn’t this an accident. Maybe we’re supposed to do something in this time.”

“Just like Hammond?” Teal’c spoke as he maneuvered the ship behind the moon.

“It could be possible, we should consult Thor.” Daniel looked to Mitchell who gave a shrug. With that he turned and walked off the bridge to head back down to the engine room.


“COME BACK HERE! HeeeeShheeee” Carter ran to the Ha’tac cargo ship and punched several different codes into the door’s command panel before the door opened. Anansi’s screams carried into the cavernous holding bay.

“HUMAN! Come out…heeeehsssshhhh, there is no where to run.”

Sam activated the ship turning on the force field. “Well I don’t need to hide now.”
Opening the cargo bay door, Sam engaged the sub-light engines and began to take off.
“ERRRRAAAAH…” Anansi’s tendrils shot towards the ship only to be deflected by the shields. As the cargo ship exited the force-field holding the air in broke and a great gush of atmosphere spewed into empty space. The would-be god slunk back staring as the ship escaped.

“This is Samantha Carter to the Odyssey, any ships. I must be phased still. GAH!”

“Ding…Ding…Ding.” The HUD came up as the sensors detected a ship. “What now?”

It wasn’t long before she found out as the familiar shape of Thor’s ship came in to view.

“To the phased ship approaching, please respond.”

“This is Samantha Carter of the Tau’ri of Earth. Is this Thor?”

“Yes, but I was unaware that humans of Earth had advanced to such technology.”

“Wait…what? Can we open a visual channel?”

“At present no, your phased state makes this impossible. Please dephase and we shall open further communication.”

“But I can’t, I don’t think this ship has a separate phasing module.”

“One moment, please standby.” Sam was transported from the Ha’tac vessel and on to the Asgard vessel. To her astonishment, the small grey beings that she had known as the Asgard were not in front of her, but much more human looking beings with only the slightest twinges of genetic manipulation visible.

“You are Samantha Carter?” One of the Asgard asked as they approached the section where she had been transferred to.

“Yes, I am, and I need to speak to Thor.”
“We still need to dephase you, please wait a moment.”

“Wait how are you able to see me if I’m phased? I shouldn’t be able to be seen by you, or even able to speak with you?”

“We have isolated your modulate phase variance and adapted it so we can see and speak with you. However you are still phased and for you to be normalized we need to dephase you.”

“Ah…I …right.”

“One more moment. Dephasing completed our scans show you’re from six thousand years in the future.”

“Six thousand? How is that possible…I was on the Odyssey, then on the phased planet two hundred miles over the northern pole of Earth. And now I’m here…the rumbling…but…”

“Phased planet?”

“Yes, that’s why I need to speak to Thor.”

“Captain Thor is unavailable at the moment; he is currently preoccupied with one of his experiments.”

“Listen I know about your genetic experiments. I don’t care; we have some wannabe god that resembles a Goa’uld, who no doubt, is wanting to kill me and who ever else is around me.”

“Goa’uld…interesting. Please follow me.”

“EXTERMINATE” Acalo ordered the few Dalek’s left that had not been destroyed by their former comrades, or converted into following the Ori.

“We obey. EXTERMINATE!” Several of the Daleks surged forward firing their lasers. The Prior and his new Dalek pets unaffected their personal shields deflecting Acalo’s attacks.

“You shall succumb to the will of the Ori, and we shall unite the Universe.” The transformed Daleks chanted, “You cannot deny the logic. WE ARE SUPERIOR!”

“RETREAT…” Acalo turned from the battle fleeing; for once in its life the Dalek leader felt fear. Falling back to the Stargate, Acalo punched in a random series of ending it with the one chevron to use, the origin chevron. Acalo watched as his right hand Guard was blown to pieces. The Stargate locked the eighth chevron as yet another Dalek was destroyed. The splash of the event horizon coursed over head in time with the last explosion of the last Dalek under Acalo’s command. Acalo fled through the Stargate to an unknown world.


“This is Atlantis Base,” Doctor Weir spoke over the radio.

“Weir,” John Sheppard came over the radio, “We have a problem. There’s some creature here that just came through the Stargate. It’s asking for a doctor.”

“You’re cleared to bring it here; we’ll see what we can do.”

**Part Two: The Goddess’ brother.

The Doctor led the way down the street, Martha on his left, and Jack on his right. The trio walked down East 63rd street towards Jackson Park.

The park was filled with rows of vendors, each showing their unique trade and goods. Several inventions, and a small electric rollercoaster took of the end of one of the lanes, and a Ferris wheel stood as the backdrop, though it was only a few stories in height.

The spectacle at the moment was the dazzling neon lights that were sprawled in wild designs, blinking and flashing. An announcer was cat calling the crowed, “Come and see the dawn of a new age, where every house and home can have safe electric light, any time day or night.” A glint gleamed off of abnormally white teeth.

“He looks a bit too happy.” Jack prodded Martha as he pointed out the man with the bullhorn.
“He’s not that bad looking…I mean he is just selling lights.”
“I don’t know I have a funny feeling about him.”

“Ah there we are, Houdini.” The Doctor pointed towards the second largest crowed that was milling about beneath the Ferris wheel. A drum role rumbled and spotlights were trained on the escape artist as the wheel began to spin upward. Houdini, clad in a full straight jacket and bound by his feet to the spinning wheel, was lifted into the air hung up by the feet. A second announcer, a fair older man, balding, plump and short spoke just loud enough for the crowd to hear him. “Ladies and gentlemen, the great master Houdini hangs above you at a dazzling five stories. The fuse is set; he only has a minute now to escape…”

“Fuse?” Martha looked a bit skeptical as silent blue smoke billowed from the top of the wheel.

“Yeah yeah, it’s just to make people think there is more danger than there really is.”

“Guys…guys look.” Jack pointed at the base of the Wheel, a berated looking manager was yelling at the Ferris wheel’s conductor.

BANG! “MARTHA!” The Doctor hauled a stunned Martha to the side just in time to keep her from being hit by the wretched steel that was now raining down on top of them. The announcer was yelling over his bullhorn. “STAY CALM! PLEASE LADIES AND ..” but that was as far as he got as the realization that the wheel was falling hit him and the crowd. As people from the light’s show came running to see what had happened, the crowd meant to see Houdini escape rushed back at them, screaming and yelling in an effort to convey the message.

A stunned Manager and wheel worker scrambled towards where the Doctor, Jack and Martha were.

“It…wasn’t him…it wasn’t…” the manager huffed as he clambered around one of the tents. The wheel met its last rotation as the damaged part finally fell in tune with the rocking of its base and was knocked completely off balance. Toppling top first, it crumpled into a heap of steal and glass onto the fairway behind where it had stood. Dust ruffled into the air and the entire power grid made for the exposition blinked off.


Sam looked from the lieutenant to Thor. It was not the air of lacking urgency that bothered her, but the fact that Thor was almost human looking, a very striking resemblance laid between him and Jack O’Neil.

“Samantha Carter, correct?” Thor spoke finally turning completely from the control panel.

“Yes, but that doesn’t matter…I mean it does…but there is some weird creature…”
“I’m aware of the creature and it is of no threat to us at the moment.” Thor interrupted Carter, “I’m more interested in how you came to be

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