Misconceptions of Prosperity

Prosperity; a concept often used to describe what is most hoped for and often missed by those classified as impoverished. It is here that prosperity; as growth, gain, and progress, is misinterpreted. The preconception that those in poverty are in able to prosper, or are inept to the point were gain is impossible, only shows the lack of knowledge and ignorance of those who are considered wealthy or of any definable class. Preconception and misconceptions are the layer of disinformation that we see plastered on television, in newspapers, and in magazines. The US Census Bureau classifies poverty as an individual who makes no less than ten thousand dollars a year and up to sixteen thousand dollars or less in a year, or a family making twenty thousand dollars or less in a year. According to the Current Population Survey (CPS) of 2007, roughly twenty three percent of the US population is at, or under the poverty line, that is, in the estimated 150,569,974 working population, some 34,631,094 people are impoverished or homeless. And yet, people are engrossed into the affairs and poor of Darfur, which only has a population of around seven million.
In fact all societies deal with the impoverished underclass, “chronic” or “extreme” is an incorrect diction in the language used to describe poverty. It is only a manner of perception of the poverty level in the country that is in question. When people think of the US they do not think of it being filled with the homeless and the barely surviving. However, if a US citizen thinks of Ethiopia or Darfur, all of a sudden the image of poor starving children and bomb shell ridden houses comes to the forefront. The fact is, is that all countries, small or large, deal with poverty and lack of growth. The problem is that no one wishes to believe them selves to be in this situation. Further yet, it doesn’t help that poverty and detritus is hidden with in the walls of well to pay people who care more about ratings and sales than they do about the real tragedies that lay below their feet.
It is here, that as a United States citizen, liberties and ideals and the legal rights of the people must be held in highest regard.

”We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common [defense], promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this
Constitution for the United States of America.”(Preamble of the US Constitution)

The vestige of this country has been always the rights of the people, yet here and now those rights have been diminished through the false conceptions of what prosperity is. Such laws as the Patriot Act I and II deprive rights from people, undermining the very values and reason for the constitution. This detracts from the possibility of prosperity and progress, which only ensures the increase of destitution and false hope of a better future. False hope and false understanding is what a country does not need if they hope to prosper and to grow in a positive way.
Social consciousness and awareness is what needs to be addressed if any true growth is to be achieved. Through general expansion of social consciousness and a stronger awareness of the people through the people will be the first step to confronting the problem of monetary and social deficits. Politicians and people in power use disinformation to maintain their earnings and to keep the consumer in a place to consume. And to encourage and generate healthy growth these issues of social manipulation must be addressed and ultimately changed. First what must be admitted is that laws and regulations in general should and usually do help stabilize and maintain a community. However, as laws are established and changed, these same laws often destabilize what they are meant to protect. This is evident in the US, for example; as inflation rates increase and the base hourly wages remain stunted, not increasing to meet the monetary inflation, the decrease in buying power and increase in product prices devaluates the intended growth from the inflation.
New laws and systems need to be established to create a base for all people. Basic jobs, basic living, and basic general care, so that all people can prosper. This of course is too general; in our current system monetary gain is put ahead of human sanctity and human life. To create this base we would have to completely remove the current system of consumerism. This of course will never happen as the main power in the US is not government but corporation. It must also be noted that in societies (both minute or on a large scale) where monetary systems are kept simple and the whole is acted upon instead of the individual, the whole suffers and gains together. Prosperity of the whole then becomes the responsibility of the individual, instead of the prosperity of the singular. These systems often depict prosperity in the whole as well as the individual where in the whole and the individual gains in equal proportions. This does not mean such a system cannot be a consumerist base, but the consumerism must be maintained in the whole and not left to the concentrated individual.
Current legal, trade, and monetary systems, along with current property rights as established in the US are strictly based upon the compact individual, where the whole gains little and the individual gains the most. Unfortunately these laws only impede upon the total prosperity. To balance this compacting of the individual gain to help the whole we then apply taxes to pay for the services that run the governing body that is then, in turn, supposed to help those of lesser social positions. This of course actually rarely happens in a fair and proper manner, because of bureaucracy and the corporate intervention that rules over the current US government.
As stated, the idea that those who are impoverished cannot gain or are inept and in able to prosper, is truly a misconception. It is only that those in this position have been forced to the minimum or below, because their chance to prosper is being taken away from inactivity by those who have prospered. The simple concept of the strong helping the weak has been thrown to the side, for the pendulum of the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. In the US consumerism system a new facet must be applied that is designed to help all people prosper, essentially removing the consumerist idealism from the consumerism.
This change of idealism, from that being in lower tax bracket is wrong, to the new sentiment that all people regardless of income deserves to prosper, is where corporations, institutions, and the government can begin to curtail how they interact and commercialize their services. By providing free training and beginning positions to those who are of need while maintaining their current employees. Though a temporary loss in earnings may occur, the over all buying power of the economy would increase. As that economy prospers the value of the dollar and there in the product, would also increase.
Essentially, the current methods used to spur prosperity, only help those already in a position to gain, to develop and flourish, but do not supply nor render any means for those in the desperation of poverty to move ahead. Further, such methods continue to only ensure that more people become lost in the demotivated realm of disparity. It is the requirements of placation of the corporate and sub-corporate municipality that keep everyone, even those just beginning to strive for a future, from reaching and obtaining their goals.

Misconceptions of Prosperity


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