going on and on...

It’s about 4:30 am here and I can not sleep, again. I don’t really know why this trend is so on going. But it has given me time to write and I suppose I write better during these hours.

I seem to be experiencing some personal, creative renaissance. Perhaps the instability of the past few years has cemented its impression and now I can write.

Sometimes, I’d stay up this long drinking with all the intention to write, but end up drinking, and searching for friends I’d once had.

Now, without substances, I find myself chewing on words, not swallowing them, not digesting, but getting my mouth wet, feeling their texture, getting their flavor. I hope this addiction to take me far. Its one I’ve had for years. As I child I fell in love with them, not just the sound, or meaning, but their shape. It’s taken me years to realize I want to spend my time as I did when I was most happy, when I was 5, sketching letters and making words.

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