Rant on Pop Culture

So it’s like this. Recently I attempted to act younger than I am which resulted in an injured back and some days spent painfully lying on the couch. During my immobilization I was able to become re-acquainted with pop-culture. I have tried to be selective in what I allow come into my immediate knowledge however this week I decided to just let go and open the flood gates. And they did open.

I began my week of pop culture indulgence with something I assumed would be on the “high-end” of cable television. A & E right? This is not MTV or The Style network, this is Arts and Entertainment. Well I realized, after my third straight viewing of “Cold Case Files”, that art was not apart of the A + E equation. Instead I was treated to cases of headless bodies, DNA under dead fingernails, and a corpse with burnt genitalia. Entertainment for sure but Art? I wasn’t quite sure.

The second, and obviously the most obvious, point about pop television I’ve missed out on has been advertisement. Honestly some of these 30 second spots are quite visually stimulating and dare I say…artistic. However, anyone who watches American TV (perhaps it’s like this world wide) you notice you watch more commentary, scenes of what’s coming next, what you need to buy, more than any specific point.

It seems we don’t see anything anymore, but we see what has been seen and filtered down some tube like that of a child’s twisted drinking straw. It’s not about what we taste but how we can be entertained through the act of tasting.

Anyway…I need to turn off the television.

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