You have a choice.

We will slip into boxes and follow instructions on screens, flashing, jarring images, push buttons, a new way of choosing grown accustomed to through years of practice with ATMs. Make sure you select the correct language prompt or you’ll have to start all over. Much variety, candidates who smile, customized pins and flags, pictures; don’t forget about the proposition, the one correlated to the wellbeing of children. After October and what’s to be done with so many signs lined in rows on nearly frozen ground? Blogs have secretes, words swirl through ethereal tubes and pop up everywhere; the most recent details on the Senator’s visit to Worchester, Mass, the actual details on that rainy day in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Experts clamor for television spots with the greater good in mind. Information must be shared. There is no room for speculation during such important and clearly divisive times. Existence itself hangs in the balance, this time it is serious, more than ever, even more than last time. Time is running out and one mustn’t take too long for deliberation. It can already be seen, there is a line, after all, and it must not be walked, for a smudge now would be detrimental or, dare it be said, fatal.

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