Off to RailsConf

In just under 4 hours I’ll be flying out to meet up with Justin at RailsConf EU in Berlin. That’s pretty exciting. After that I’m stopping off in Munich for a few days on my way home. Would you believe there is a festival in Munich while I’m there celebrating two of the most important things in my life – swing dancing and beer.

I reckon’ it’s going to be a pretty good week. See you all next Monday. I should probably get to the airport now.

Writing OF THE NOW!

It has been many moons coming, but writing is finally here! Please note the brand new tabs in the main nav, overview, and mybubble.

Here’s the real trick though – if you’ve been using your blog to post writing, you can easily transfer those blog posts over to the writing section by editting the blog post and clicking “Convert to Writing”. You keep all your favorites, comments, even the old URLs will still work. That’s pretty nifty.

Sorry about the feeds

As of this morning’s release I had to change the URIs in all of the portfolio feeds. This isn’t such a good thing, and you may see some strange behaviour in your reader.

As consolation, you can now get a comments feed on each work page, which I think is pretty handy.



We’ve been busily working away on a writing section for the site but it’s taking a bit longer than expected. For you, the writer, not good news. I could tell you that you’re going to get your own gallery tab in the main nav, how you’ll be able to specify the extract of your work to show in search results, how you won’t ever have to touch that dirty “blog” again, how it’s going to revolutionize your very concept of the form. But words, words, words – you may be writers but I know you just want something tangible. Something you can see. Something that isn’t just hyberbolic marketing spin.…

So today I’m going to tell you how you can get a sneak preview of what’s to come in the comfort of your own home (or, let’s be honest, work place).

You’re going to need sticky notes, scissors and a pen. If

Please recheck your portfolio ordering

There was a small issue today with the ordering of portfolios, and we had to reorder a few of them. We made a best guess as to where things should be, so if anything is out it should only be by one or two places.

But could everyone who has reordered their portfolio since we released it yesterday please double check that it is still ordered how you want it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

New portfolio links

One of the more hidden features of today’s release was the URL to your portfolio has changed. Rather than /people/xshay/portfolio, you now have /people/xshay/art and /people/xshay/clothing. This may impact those who have linked to tags from their bio/work descriptions (like my friend snow), or who have linked directly into their portfolio from an external site. We’ve made a best guess to redirect the old URLs to the new ones, but it’s not always possible, so please double check your links and if possible update them.…

Also note that the show work URLs have changed from /works/show/7469 to /people/xshay/art/7469-tanzanian-battle-panda. This shouldn’t break anything … the old urls silently redirect to the new ones.

In other news, I can’t reorder my portfolio because I only have one work :(


My house is awesome

Haven’t written here for a while.

Just thought I’d say I’ve moved in to my new house, and we now have all the basics covered (= fridge + internet), so it’s starting to feel like a home. We don’t have a microwave, but surprisingly I haven’t missed it. Haven’t had to catch public transport in so long that I accidently threw out my 10x met card.

Guess I’m not home enough to appreciate it, today is my first DFD (dancing free day) since last Friday, and it starts up again tomorrow. I’ve been asked to join a new troupe, we have our first rehersal on Friday and we’re supposed to be learning a hip hop routine. A style in which I have zero experience. Should be exciting.

Brats debut

The performance troupe I’m in had our first public routine performance on Saturday at the annual “Meet The Scene” ball. We’re all fairly excited by how it went. I present to you:

‘Shorty George’, by Brat Pack

(If you can’t tell, I’m the one in the middle who left his belt at work…)

Inside RedBubble

There’s a lot of images here on RedBubble, and it’s not feasible for all of us developers to have the lot of them on our local machines. So we use a placeholder image for our everyday making activities. This image is a very important part of our development environment. It has gone through multiple iterations until now I think we are getting very close to something we can use for the long haul. Grant found this particular image (as he is apt to do – the man has a talent for this kind of thing), I find it really inspirational:

I got a house!

After a few weeks off looking for houses (got bored, crashed at Godmother’s house), my new house mate realised her Mum was selling up sooner than she thought and that finding a place for us was now a priority.…

She went looking for the first time on Saturday, applied for a place, we got accepted on Monday.

You could say I’m a bit jealous. I can now recommend a fool proof strategy for solving your housing woes – send an attractive girl with her equally appealing partner to inspect and apply for the house, while you stay the hell away (hung over in a stranger’s bed, as the case happened to be).

So as of June 5 I will be a resident of North Fitzroy, living in what I presume will be a gorgeous terrace 2BR. It’s ridiculously close to the bubble HQ and in a really trendy area. My “I’ve got a hou

OFI Blitz!

Inspected 4 houses yesterday, one at lunch and 3 after work. At the one at lunchtime (gorgeous place in Nth Melbourne), the real estate agent not only recognized me but remembered my name!

“Are you still looking for a place?”

I’m going for the sympathy vote.

New release hits this morning, yay! We’ve been working hard on this and there’s some really great stuff to be found. I’m sure one of the guys downstairs will/have made an announcement about it with more details. Now to start focusing on the next one.

Two weeks in

I’ve been at RedBubble two weeks now and am absolutely loving it. There are just so many fantastic, passionate people working here. I’m really looking forward to getting our newest release out the door (hopefully early this week!) – I spend so much of time working with the new version, that when I end up browsing on the weekend I find myself really missing some of the sweet new features we’ve been working on. The activity monitor particularly will be a most welcome addition for me.…

Still looking for a place to live in Melbourne – I need a wall of my own so I can start hanging some RedBubble art! It’s really tricky, there’s a lot of houses around but even more people applying for them. There must have been at least 50 people at one of the inspections I went to last week! I’m probably not d

First Day

I’ve just started my first day at RedBubble! Hooray! I’m on board as a Software Developer, so I’ll be helping to fix up this site with all sorts of improvements and enhancements.

I’m not particularly prolific (or skilled…) in the visual arts department, so you probably won’t see much of my work up here, but who knows, maybe I’ll find my muse…

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait