Two weeks in

I’ve been at RedBubble two weeks now and am absolutely loving it. There are just so many fantastic, passionate people working here. I’m really looking forward to getting our newest release out the door (hopefully early this week!) – I spend so much of time working with the new version, that when I end up browsing on the weekend I find myself really missing some of the sweet new features we’ve been working on. The activity monitor particularly will be a most welcome addition for me.

Still looking for a place to live in Melbourne – I need a wall of my own so I can start hanging some RedBubble art! It’s really tricky, there’s a lot of houses around but even more people applying for them. There must have been at least 50 people at one of the inspections I went to last week! I’m probably not doing myself any favours – who would you tenant, the business guy or the t-shirt wearing guy who doesn’t cut his hair? I’m looking for a 2BR to share with one of my friends, but I’m just about getting desperate enough to take anything that looks half decent. I’m starting to overstay my welcome at my brother’s place…

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