I got a house!

After a few weeks off looking for houses (got bored, crashed at Godmother’s house), my new house mate realised her Mum was selling up sooner than she thought and that finding a place for us was now a priority.

She went looking for the first time on Saturday, applied for a place, we got accepted on Monday.

You could say I’m a bit jealous. I can now recommend a fool proof strategy for solving your housing woes – send an attractive girl with her equally appealing partner to inspect and apply for the house, while you stay the hell away (hung over in a stranger’s bed, as the case happened to be).

So as of June 5 I will be a resident of North Fitzroy, living in what I presume will be a gorgeous terrace 2BR. It’s ridiculously close to the bubble HQ and in a really trendy area. My “I’ve got a house” dance (performance count is nearing double digits) is filled with excitement and joy.

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