New portfolio links

One of the more hidden features of today’s release was the URL to your portfolio has changed. Rather than /people/xshay/portfolio, you now have /people/xshay/art and /people/xshay/clothing. This may impact those who have linked to tags from their bio/work descriptions (like my friend snow), or who have linked directly into their portfolio from an external site. We’ve made a best guess to redirect the old URLs to the new ones, but it’s not always possible, so please double check your links and if possible update them.

Also note that the show work URLs have changed from /works/show/7469 to /people/xshay/art/7469-tanzanian-battle-panda. This shouldn’t break anything … the old urls silently redirect to the new ones.

In other news, I can’t reorder my portfolio because I only have one work :(

(If this post doesn’t make sense do you then you have nothing worry about…)

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