Poems and Writing

Nobody Knows and Nobody Cares!

And nobody knows how the pain inside grows / And nobody cares or answers your prayers / And forever it will be like a dead sea

The Kids Will Be Ok … Will They?

You know, they always say / The kids will be ok / But will they?

I Do Not Want To Be Please Erase Me

Can someone take me back / To before I existed / Life is out of whack / And all bent and twisted

Help Him To Forgive

Help him to forgive them / To make everything alright / Help him find his way through mayhem / Or forever prowl the night

Inside the mind

You try to control what’s in side your head / But its better to just rip it off instead

Life Sucks!

Did your life ever suck / So bad it hurt / You ran out of luck / You’re down in the dirt

And there you are again!

And there you are again / Like the never ending rain / Why do you keep on coming back / Like liquid slipping through a crack

Holes In Time – How Do You Know?

How do you know if it was him / That stopped you committing another sin / That helped you out of the hole you were in

When It Gets Too Much

A cry for help is never heard / And everything around is blurred / And once again you’re all alone / It’s everything you’…

Wonder Why

Is it ours to question what will be / Or should we stop and see / Our own reality / A time gone by / A time moved on / And time will fly / …

A Worthless Moment

Put it in a box and bury it deep / There’s no more time to sit and weep / About a moment that holds no worth / It’s time for an…

A State Of Mind

I am holding on / So I don’t fall off the edge / The wind is blowing / Through my mind

The Fire Died

Broken down and squashed beneath / A weight too strong to bear/ / Are you are hiding underneath / Where the fire once was there

Love Is Not A Card Game

Love is not a card game / Hearts are not a plaything / It’s not something that you tame / Or something that you win / It’s som…

Simply A Rat

Watch out for the guys who tell you they are the good guy / Because they are the ones that are bad / Watch out for the ones that show a hea…

A Stormy Day

The wind was blowing the whole world sideways/And the white frothy waves raging forth/And the scene was untammed and wild

Feeling Sorry For Herself

And so / There she sits / In the corner / Alone / Crying / For all the love shes lost / And for the love she will never know / And for all …


It’s buried deep under my skin/The longing is like the ebbing tide/And the pain is like a roses thorn


I do not want to fear / The pain / And so from fear I hide

My Beautiful Island

My beautiful island, my lover/My island you were the one/A place that dreams exist

The Last Walk

The Whispers I can still hear/And the river will always be blue/Like the last burning ember/memories will remain

Goodbye and Farewell

And for my lost love I am going to weep/And now I will hide it within the glove/That encloses my heart/Farewell and goodbye/As my love for …

The Warren

I see it laying there under the apple tree/They have to face the threat/As the coldness of winter is on its way/But man and cars they never…

My Digital World

Into the twilight, To worlds out of sight, And stretch for eternity, / Where the abundance of mystery, The moon glows a gentle shade of pi…


She watched the solitary man who had walked out to sea along a trail of rocks and seaweed and she wandered if he was thinking the same thin…

Fairies at the end of the garden

And magic flows freely and love prevails / If only they could tell us their tales / And maybe then we too could be / Happy and magical flyi…

Its not all about you!!

Its not all about you

You killed the love!

You killed the love / Like a hand hidden in a glove / You hid things from me / And still you cannot see / How much pain that caused / You s…

Lie of Omission

Lie of Omission
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