happy valentines day.

i’ve come to the conclusion that valentine’s day is probably one of my least favorite holidays. i don’t know if it’s only because i haven’t been able to celebrate the holiday with someone other than friends and family, or what. but i just don’t like the idea of dedicating a day to love. why does there have to be just one day? every day should be dedicated to the person or people that you care for. i don’t quite agree with the idea of buying nice and expensive things for your loved ones on a certain day. you shouldn’t have to prove your love with candy, or jewelery, or anything like that. don’t get me wrong, the idea of having someone special is cute, but i would much rather just enjoy the day in my pajamas, cuddling & watching sappy chick flicks all day. i wouldn’t want my boyfriend to go to every extreme to try and please me, just because it’s february 14th, and the calendar says so. i want him to just be normal, because, the way i see it, is you’re with that person because you liked something about them when you first met. and chances are, the first time you met, he wasn’t all dressed up and trying to impress you with diamonds. he was a normal, funny guy. that’s what you liked in him. he shouldn’t have to get all dressed up and what not because of a certain day. why does he have to do that only on today? i don’t understand why there has to be a specific day dedicated to ‘love.’ love should be a constant thing. i don’t know, maybe my outlook on the whole holiday would change if someone really did prove to me that valentine’s day isn’t just a ‘lets go out and spend money on him/her because it’s a holiday’ type of thing.

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