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this is so weird. it doesn’t feel like im going to be a senior in high school in less than a year, that im going to be graduating in about a year and a half. i just turned in my classes for next year, it just feels so surreal. i can’t imagine life being anything than the people that i’ve grown up with- the places i’ve grown up in- and the memories i’ve surrounded myself with. im starting to look at colleges now. the thought of being in a different school, where i know absolutly no one, and that is probably atleast 5 times the size of my high school, completly blows my mind. it absolutly scares the hell out of me, but at the same time it’s the most exciting thing ever. the fact that i dont have to force myself through classes that i hate, just so i can graduate, is amazing. the thought that i get to go to an entire school based on something that i actually enjoy, is so exciting. i’ve been looking into art colleges, mostly for graphic design and photography. it’s a little overwhelming, i have to admit. for the past couple months i’ve been getting mail note after mail note both in email and through the regular mail, of so many colleges. so far, my top choices seem to be colby-sawyer, boston university, the art center design college, rocky mountain college of art and design, and keene state. reading into these schools, though, intimidates me. the fact that in order for your transcript to even be looked at if you’re applying to BU, you have to have not only SAT scores, but SAT 2 scores, because too many people are submitting them that they’re making it a requirement, is scary. i havent even begun to prepare myself for SAT’s, let alone SAT 2’s. that’s a whole other 3 hours that i have to sit through, another 3 tests that i need to stress over and study for, just so a school can even look at my transcript. and the fact that keene state is looking for a 3.0 GPA or higher, is stressful. i’m right at 3.0, meaning to them, i’m average. i’m going to have to bust my butt the rest of the way just to bring it up a little. i don’t know, i have plenty of time to think about this, it just kind of all hit me hard tonight for some reason. honestly, it all scares the shit out of me.

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