I Would Like To Apologize

I would like to apologize to any and all people that have went to or belonged to SOAphoto.com. I’m apologizing for all the people that have left a bad taste in your mouth about that website. Let me say that for the most part, most of the members over there are very friendly and very nice. Most are seeking help with photography and would love nothing more than to learn and get better. As with many free sites, there are always going to be those few that want to start trouble. It’s really a shame that SOA has the reputation it has. I for one am now ashamed that I’m a member BUT I will not cancel my membership there because I have friends that are still members there and I enjoy their company.

As for the request for my group here on Red Bubble for members that have migrated here, I’m sorry to say but the reputation of SOA has caused our group to be put on hold until next year when it can be a private group. This decision by Red Bubble is more than understood by me, I cannot blame them for not trusting us because of the reputation SOA has. You see, what you were always taught as a child has become a reality now……“It’s not that you are going to do anything wrong, you will be guilty by association and will be in just as much trouble as the person doing the action” Pretty sad isn’t it!!!!!!!!

By me writting this, I may never see the light of day on Red Bubble now but it’s a chance I’m willing to take for all the other members here that I call my friends!

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