Lunar Eclipse

Well that was pretty awesome! I love eclipses and this one was the first lunar total my kids have ever seen, so that made it extra special :) Took a bunch of photo’s so I hope they turned out. Night photography is pretty tricky for someone as ‘camera’ useless as me LOL

Loving Idol again this year. Jacob Butler was a bit of a surprise top 12 though. He’s a bit blah. Not overly fussed with that Terasai (sp?) I have to admit. Thought she totally oversung her song, but I guess that what people want to see. Loved, loved, loved Ben’s performance tonight. He’ll be the very first to get a vote out of me this year :)

Oooh, forgot to add … saw the clip for 30 Days Of Night today. Looking forward to that! I’ve liked Josh Hartnett in everything I’ve seen him in so far (especially Mozart and the Whale) so it’ll be good to see him in a grittier role.

Peace :)

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