ART & Society

In my previous journal i got a very interesting comment (you can check it here) from DataShine

He said ART does have boundaries (i said ART didnt, maybe im to naive?)… and this boundaries are set by society. Society itself is a boundaries. I couldnt say NO to this, cause though i dont accept this, i cant deny its truth… Until a certain point.

I think it depends on the “moral objet” (or purpose) of the act of creating art wether you chose to live by this boundaries or cross them and be complete free (both of this options are right, again, it depends on your purpose). For example! If you pretend to sell your pieces, or exhibit them, you may want to follow society preferences (to please the mayority). If you dont care about fame/money/reputation, you can do whatever you want. I truly believe human beings are not completely social. A part of you acts according to society’s rules (such as moral and ethics), but our freedom allow us to be unique and to act according only to “our rules”. This acts may be refer to ART, a free form of expression.

And maybe thats the magic of art! Thats why so much people feel good doing it! Thats because it passionate us! Cause we can CHOOSE. We can feel free (and i dont know you, but i do feel free when i write or take photographs).

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