What is Art and whats not?

I usually find myself arguing with friends about what is considered art. I actually dont have a strong point of view about it, cause i find the issue very subjective.

My first try to answer this was the following: “ART is anything a person do with the purpose if creating ART”. By this I mean that if i take a photograph of my finger as an “artistic act” (so to speak), that photo, as lame as it could sound, its beyond the reasonable limit of art.

That sound kinda reasonable. But I cant be satisfied with that explanation.

Maybe anything is art, cause all human beings are potential artists. The desire of creating art is part of human nature. Paintings, music, drawings, photographs, writing, etc. Again… too subjective. Maybe art IS subjective by itself?

Well… I think i’ll have to meditate this a little longer until i can come up with something good enough. What do you, Mr. Reader, think about it?

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