12-10-11 Making Snowflakes

Today was fun! me, Trale, and Maddie went to get our ugly Christmas sweaters for the dance on friday. Princess would have come but she was grounded but drew woodwall could stay over at her house, It made no sense. I think her mom sent him home though.

Today Princess tried asking Chappy to preference but his parent weren’t home. she was going to hide an alarm clock in his bedroom. but like i said no one was home. I don’t really care that shes asking him that to the dance I’m actually glad. If princess takes chappy to preference I’m sure her mom will loosen up then i might still be able to take her to sweethearts. I cant even think of anyone else that would ask princess to the sweethearts dance. I hope can still take her

Last night I had a nightmare about her and I couldn’t sleep past 7:30, so I got up and started reading her journal. you have no idea how much i miss the way things were. I decide now was the time to get rid of the journals, letters, and photos of her. I toke the box of apple jacks (she left the box in my room when she came over to do math home work, and its been sitting there for 2 months) and emptied its contents. I put the letters in a zip lock bag and I taped our photo to the inside cover of my journal and I put everything in the cereal box and taped it up. I’m going to bury it on Christmas, but before i do I think I will fill in the rest of my journal for her to read when she digs it up. She would like that.

last night I saw the Blue Man Group. And dang they were good. It was probably the coolest thing I’ve participated in months. Super cool I look forward tot heir next local performance.

Today I visited that lake her and I sailed on. Its frozen over this time of the year. There were rocks scattered on the surface of the ice from people throwing them. In the center there was a group of huddled ducks. Fly south you stupid birds! haha. I wrote this message on the ice of the lake.

Princess, you are strong,
But I am too,
You have to believe I can do this,
I want to be your friend like George
I love you, I’ll do the right thing.

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