photo course

Just spent all day on a Focus10 photography course here in Melbourne. Not only was it good fun, but I learned heaps about how to actually use my camera properly. Previously I’d really just left it in auto mode and tried to do some OK composition, but now I’m starting to get the hang of aperture control, exposure metering, white balance and all that good stuff.…

We applied that knowledge to a bunch of different situations – including action shots at a skate park, portraits in a graffiti alley way, macros of our lunchtime pizza, and some twilight shots near Flinders St station.

Will go through the pics over the weekend – hopefully a few are worth showcasing here on RedBubble. Either way, I’m sure my future pictures will be better for having done the course.

Update: Just uploaded a few shot

Growin' a Mo for Movember

As many of you know, the month of November is being replaced with its hirsute cousin Movember. Blokes everywhere will be growing a Mo to help raise money for men’s health, in particular to tackle prostate cancer and depression.

If you’d like to sponsor my Mo, simply click here to donate online using your credit card or PayPal account via the Movember website.

Week 1

Week 2.5

Last Day of Movember


Thanks to all those who wished me well in my next move after RedBubble. I’m still taking some time out and waiting for our baby to arrive (any day now!) but I have made a start on a new business called Latent Future.

Check out for my new website.

The plan is to share some of my thoughts on strategy and marketing, especially with regard to startup ventures. In time, you can also expect case studies and interviews.

It’s early days and I’d love your input. If you’re interested in these topics, please get involved…. after all, you’ve all been part of at least one startup (i.e. RedBubble!).



Well, the time has come for me to leave my role at RedBubble. From Tuesday next week (21st), I will no longer work here.

It’s been an interesting journey, and I’ve learned a lot from the experience. I feel proud (and amazed) at how quickly the site has grown, and what a diverse and talented bunch of creative folk are now part of the community. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know so many of you, and doing my bit to help you share your artwork and writing with the world.

Given the addictive nature of the site, I’ll continue to be part of the community but not in any official capacity. Although with a baby on the way in a few weeks, you may not see much of me around the place for a while…


visiting queenscliff

Recently headed down to Queenscliff with Kath, Ed and James. Main reason was to dream up ways to make RedBubble even better, but naturally we took the opportunity to get out and take some photos.

Not having a fancy camera of my own, I snapped a few shots with Ed’s D80, including a few of the guys in action – James with his old-school camera and uncanny sense of light, and Ed with his Holga and no-holds barred attitude to getting the right shot.

Writers selling stuff?

As a little experiment, I uploaded an image version of my Ode to Nothing poem and bought it on white and black greeting cards. Worked quite well.

This might be a way for writers on RedBubble to participate in selling

Simply create a greeting card related to your writing: maybe an image, quote, or (if short enough) the whole written work. Then readers who like your writing can buy the card – you get paid and they get a little momento.

As another example, kseriphyn has a logo for her story The Callings . If this was available as a greeting card, readers could show their appreciation for the story by buying one.

All you need is some way of creating an image file. This is possible even if you don’t have a fancy graphics program (for the poem above, I just used Powerpoint and saved the file

RBNews: First story published

Thanks to Darren Stones for contributing a sensitive and well-written story about Joe Mortelliti

This is the first story we’ve selected to publish under our RBNews program. As a thankyou for his efforts, Darren gets $150 to spend on RedBubble.

The story has been added to and will also be published on the newswire. If you’d like to help out, please “digg it” (i.e. vote for it) at

Subtlety vs sales

We like to think of RedBubble as an online art gallery with a non-stop launch party. But how obvious should the price stickers on the artwork be?

Our tendency has been to err on the side of being subtle with pricing and product information, in an effort to enhance the visual experience.

But have we overdone this? Is it clear enough you can actually buy the great artwork on display?

As a specific example, consider the Gallery. At the moment we don’t show prices, but what do you think of these two alternatives?

1. Products and prices shown in small text

2. Tick box (off by default) that when ticked shows the info from option 1

Make your fellow bubblers famous

We’ve been bouncing around an idea to raise the profile of interesting artists and members, help writers get some spending money, and build awareness for RedBubble:…

How about people write articles about other RedBubble members or collaborations? RedBubble could select the very best, and pay the writer in return for letting the articles be published on the PR newswires

So, let’s talk specifics and see if there’s any interest:
1. Write a newspaper-style human interest article of 500 words or less, about a member, collaboration, or activity on RedBubble. Contact the person(s) directly to get their input and make sure they’re OK with it.
2. Post your article in your journal. Add tags relating to the content, and also tag it with rbnews
3. I’ll periodically search for articles tagged with rbnews

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