Make your fellow bubblers famous

We’ve been bouncing around an idea to raise the profile of interesting artists and members, help writers get some spending money, and build awareness for RedBubble:

How about people write articles about other RedBubble members or collaborations? RedBubble could select the very best, and pay the writer in return for letting the articles be published on the PR newswires

So, let’s talk specifics and see if there’s any interest:
1. Write a newspaper-style human interest article of 500 words or less, about a member, collaboration, or activity on RedBubble. Contact the person(s) directly to get their input and make sure they’re OK with it.
2. Post your article in your journal. Add tags relating to the content, and also tag it with rbnews
3. I’ll periodically search for articles tagged with rbnews and select some for broader distribution via PRWeb or similar services
4. If we decide to use your article, we’ll give you $150 in RedBubble credit by emailing you a checkout code.

Not a perfect system, but hopefully a reasonable start. Any interest?

Journal Comments

  • Jo O'Brien
  • Whirligig
  • gaypony
  • Kathleen Cameron
  • Darren Stones
  • Karen Cougan
  • Peter Fenna
  • Robert Knapman