Writers on RedBubble

We’re thinking about how to make RedBubble a better place for writers

The Unleashed short story competition attracted a lot of talented writers, but to be honest we haven’t done enough since then to support them on RedBubble. That will change.

Initiatives in the pipeline for writers include:
1. A new competition for short stories and poetry
2. Redesign site – ‘gallery’ probably splits into ‘art’, ‘writing’, ‘t-shirts’.
3. Distinguish between ‘written works’ and journal entries/blogs
4. Reaching out to writers already on RedBubble for their input

It will take some time to get all these done, but we’re keen to launch the competition and get lots of input on improvements ASAP.

If you feel strongly about making RedBubble a better place for writers, now’s a great time to speak up!

Let us know what you’d like to see – be it new features, website changes, community activities, etc. Also check out this forum topic seeking input from writers.

Journal Comments

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