Agile Marketing

We’ve got a little experiment going here in the RedBubble marketing team.

As you may have noticed, the software elves are rapidly churning out whiz-bang new features, using their so-called “agile process” for writing code.

So we thought, maybe us marketing folks can learn a thing or two from them about ways of working together. After all, there are some characteristics that are very similar between marketing a startup website, and writing software for an innovative, challenging project.

Both situations have at least a few things in common:

  • Complex, rapidly evolving environments
  • Difficult to specify exactly what should be done ahead of time
  • Lots of overlap and inter-dependencies in the various activities
  • Priorities change as time progresses and the situation evolves
  • Not enough people or time to do everything we want to do

Of course, there are also plenty of differences:

  • Marketing tends to be ongoing, whereas once code is written it stays there
  • More external dependencies with marketing (less control over outcomes)
  • Time lag between action and outcome in marketing
  • Hard to discern what worked in marketing when doing lots at once

I’ll outline some of the specific practices in detail next week, but for now I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think this will work? Have you heard of others doing this before? Any other similarities or differences you can see?

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