The magic number

Is there a magic number of times that people have to hear about something before they take action?

Maybe the first time you hear something, you think “OK, maybe i’ll look sometime”. Then the next time, you think “that’s odd, i wonder what’s going on”. But the third or fourth time, you sit up, take notice and go check it out.

At times here at RedBubble, the marketing team has been busy doing lots of activities, but not being 100% sure which individual things were working. You think to yourself: “maybe no-one noticed?”

Then (like today) you get an email out of the blue that starts with “Firstly I saw RedBubble in dumbo feather, then I walked past the shop on Smith Street, then I saw a link for it up on the screen at an arts law presentation – 3 hits in one day” …and all of a sudden you feel much better!

So, my theory is that people need to hear about stuff from multiple independent sources before they take it seriously. What do you think? Has this been your experience with your art, writing, or other stuff in life?

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