Beyond the Bubble

I’m pleased to announce that our very own Anneli is now writing a blog on art + creativity in The Age.

Check out the Creativity Corner in The Age.

Every Friday Anneli will be publishing a theme, and inviting people to write or post an image (via RedBubble). Then on the following Wednesday she’ll discuss the submissions and creative process.

We’re excited about this opportunity to take RedBubble to a broader audience …which hopefully means more talented artists in the community and more potential buyers seeing your work.

So please take the chance to submit your images or writing to this week’s theme “Dreams” …and link back to that image or journal entry on your RedBubble profile.

And let us know what you think about this initiative…

Journal Comments

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  • Marta Tesoro
  • Karen Cougan
  • Whirligig
  • Tee Brain Creative