No vegan hamburgers

A guiding principle behind RedBubble is being authentic – we started building this website because it’s something we want ourselves. We don’t hire anyone at RedBubble unless they are passionate about their own creative interests, and are committed to being active community members.

As Pilgrim put it, “we’re not vegans making hamburgers”.

So, when people ask how we got the community on RedBubble started …well, we started using it ourselves. Then we told our creative friends and before long we had our first 100 members mucking around on an early “sneak preview” version of RedBubble. This was back in December/January.

So the classic “chicken and egg” problem (i.e “who’s going to visit if there’s nothing to see, but who’s going to upload work if there’s no-one visiting?”) was solved by us being our own first customers.

As for how RedBubble expanded beyond that very early stage, well, that’s a story for another time…

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