What I've Been Up To

Since joining another photo-sharing site (flickr) I think my photography has improved noticeably. The contrast is better, I wait until the perfect shot is in the viewfinder as opposed to shoot and hope it looks okay. I’m quite impatient, but I’m working on it.

I stopped at one of my favorite places, the library, and picked up a few books on photo editing and effects. Not just the filters and stuff, but “cooler” effects. Layering, changing the colors of something, putting something in the photo that wasn’t there, etc…

So be sure to keep looking at my updated portfolio as I will add images as I master each new skill I’m learning. Hopefully some will turn out pretty cool, and I can use them to my advantage, rather than just something that looks edited, thrown together, and, while may be cool to look at, serves no real purpose other than maybe a “hmm…weird” reaction from a few people.

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