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While I have a Myspace blog, I chose to write in this one as well. I figured I could use it as sort of a photography/book journal. I love reading as much as I love taking photographs. I’ve always been a big fan of both, it’s not something that I decided to like once I got older or anything like that.
I’m not sure how many people will read this, but the ones that do will get a great insight into what I read, and like taking photos of, and other things along those lines.
I currently shoot with a Fuji s700 (S5700 anywhere but the US.) I like it a lot. I love the macro setting, and while I would have preferred a longer zoom, 10x isn’t too bad. I picked up a couple lenses and filters for it, so for the time being it pretty much does everything I need it to do. I know it isn’t a Dslr, but it serves its purpose for me just fine, and maybe one day I’ll move up in the ranks to a Dslr. Probably a Nikon. I saw the picturetown.com website and pretty much fell in love with the camera. I think the main reason I haven’t gotten a Dslr (aside from budget reasons) is I just prefer cameras that I can use straight out of the box as opposed to buying lenses and filters (which cost an arm and a leg btw) so I can get the feel of the photo I want.

On to books: I’m currently reading a book by Kathleen O’Reilly called The Diva’s Guide To Selling Your Soul. It’s about a woman who has sold her soul to the devil (which is a female) in order to get everything she wants in life. Great body, rockin’ business, mind control, etc…but there’s a catch: She has to recruit people willing to sell their souls in order to move up in the ranks and get the new powers. Basically a soul selling MLM. After you recruit 2 souls, you move up to Level 2 powers and so on and so forth. So far, the book has been entertaining, especially with V (the main character) and Lucy (the devil) interacting with one another, because V keeps doing good things, donating to charity, saving kids from drowning, etc…and the devil doesn’t like it one bit! Lucy messes with V’s powers, dropping her levels (OMG I have fat thighs again!) and other things in order to get her to “correct her ways” and just act evil like she should.
I recommend the book highly to anyone that likes chick lit.

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